Cosplay - Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz (2015)

Picking up from my previous post, I try to document what I did all these past Halloweens since I did not bother to do it back then.

As you may have assumed from my MS-Paint Beetlejuice from 10 years ago (ouch!), I am a fan of the bio-exorcist and it was only because my wife promised she would endure the process of painting my face for all three outings that I was able to do this. My costumes require little to no make-up and that's a conscious decision. Anyway, she fittingly went as Lydia Deetz in her wedding gown from the film. At first I did the film version which had a white shirt, whereas the animated series version sported a pink shirt instead, so the next day I decided to switch it up and now I can say I did both.