Cosplay - Mortal Kombat II Raiden (2014)

Learning how to run away from reality by dressing up as my favorite fictional characters has been an annual aspiration to buy things I definitely do not need for many years now. It was not up until a few years ago, the only excuse that I could get away with was to do it at Halloween and if you add my signature style of "Oh I have no real responsibilities lemme drink until I learn how to socialize properly" and it instantly became my favorite time of year!

Well, these past few years the tradition has somehow stayed alive but I have not been bothered to continue posting about it so I'll try to make up for it in a few upcoming posts, starting with this one.

Halloween 2014: Mortal Kombat II - Raiden

This was actually the second Raiden costume I had because the original did not live up to my standards and I lacked the drive to improve it. So I bought a white gi on eBay, have someone sew the blue and black apron-like fabric and the rest were hand-wraps both on my arms and legs.

The black sash or whatever you call the thing around my waist was originally part of that discarded Raiden costume but opted to use something less intrusive at the actual event(s). One thing I also attempted was to have lightning circulate at least one of my arms by the way of sticking an EL wire in between various holes in the left sleeve. It wasn't bad, but it required a lot of darkness for it to be noticeable.