Repaint - NECA The Dark Knight Joker bootleg


Not posting for a long time? Yep that seems like my m.o. but I have a good excuse because I've been busy! Customizing and/or repainting a bunch of figures. Too many figures at once I would say. I pick one up, leave it halfway done and go start another one because the idea just popped in my head and like a child... or a puppy... or a puppy child with A.D.D. I just had to drop everything and invest myself in a brand new experimental idea.

Anyway, I bought the bootleg version of the NECA 7" Joker from The Dark Knight movie starring Heath Ledger from AliExpress because the original figure was released in 2015 I think and it's not the cheapest at the moment.

And although Jack Nicholson's Joker will likely always be my Number 1 Guy, Heath Ledger's version is my second favorite and there are barely any figures that are decent looking and not mad expensive in this scale, so this was the perfect chance. 

Here's how the bootleg originally looked like, you can see there were some atrocities being committed mainly gold streaks over the forehead, mismatched colors between arms and torso, bright baby blue suit under the purple jacket, and a too-perfectly painted red smile are among the biggest offenders. 

Bootleg version:

Repainted bootleg version:

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