Custom Mister Freeze

So I can say that even though it's not completely finished, I'm pretty proud of this conversation as back when I started to play around with the idea, I didn't think it would actually work. So, why not just buy a Mr. Freeze 1:12 scale or 7 inch figure? Amazingly, there are none unless you're willing to pay hundreds for them and the alternatives at decent prices are... well...


DC Collectibles DC Comics Designer Action Figures Series 2: Mr. Freeze Figure by Greg Capullo

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Gotham Select Mr. Freeze

And their expensive competition...

One:12 Collective Mr. Freeze - Deluxe Edition

DC Direct Batman: Arkham City: Mister Freeze Deluxe

I went for the absolute cheapest because if it didn't work out then it wouldn't pain me that much. With the Gotham version I had affordability and my only worries were a bald head and the helmet/dome. So from these two ugly-ass prototype helmets...


 I decided to shave the ever loving crap out of him and gave him a gun. It was actually Marvel Legends Superpatriot's arm.


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