Super Bat Car 360 Tawainese Batmobile Bootleg (custom)

So in my seemingly never-ending quest of finding a Tim Burton Batmobile big enough to house a 1/12 scale figure, the closest I've come to as of yet has been this 1/16 scale bootleg. It's a bootleg because, well...


Everyone knows the best way to be a bad-ass vigilante is to advertise "New", "Fashion" and "Super Bat Car" decals.

In case it wasn't obvious, the decals, the orange-colored front windows, chrome side gadgets and rear lights, the turbine is white (and oddly shapen), there's a red artifact smack dab in the middle like some sort of siren, missiles are not only where machine guns are supposed to be but they're also white(!) AND the entire thing is lifted from the front. Now this last part has nothing to do with it being a bootleg, but it is a pretty shitty decision in toy design.

This toy's entire shtick was to go round and round while flailing missiles around and trying to be entertaining until its batteries ran out. I saw potential in making it a little bit better. Truth be told, I only had an slight idea of what to do, but much like many custom things I've worked on I didn't have an idea how or where to start. In my ignorance I made the mistake of heating it up too much and ended up warping it some, which would eventually end up giving me issues to no end.


Even at the most basic level, I had to at least paint it since removing the decals actually removed the top layer of paint. The fact there was a missing rear light erm... set, pushed me to try my hand at redoing them to be more movie accurate. You can see I filled up various hollow areas.

Since there was already a working light-up mechanism, I decided to use it for the headlights instead.

And here are some shots of the end product, eventually it'll have a sealer but since I've never used a spray one, I'd rather try on something that hasn't been so troublesome in fear of ruining it.