AZRAEL Batman Amor - McFarlane DC Multiverse

AZRAEL Batman Armor from Batman: Curse of the White Knight #8

This is the second time in my life I've been interested in an Azrael action figure and it's a mighty fine example of Todd McFarlane's incredible trademark sculpting. While not much in the articulation department, as sort of expected, it's still very much fun to pose.


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Cable 1:12 Collectible by Mezco

A couple of amazing things happened this year (otherwise filled to the brim with bullshit). 1) I finally have a decent camera to shoot with. And 2) J.G. An awesome friend and co-worker surprised me with two amazing gifts, this being only one of them.

Meet Cable from the 1:12 Collectible line by Mezco, this bad boy comes with a butt-load of accessories and exchangeable hands and that oh-so-sweet light up feature. This isn't a review cause I ain't any good at those so...


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Unused Poster for Batman 1989

More than 10 years ago I found a lot of online resources with concept art, storyboards and cut scenes for Batman (1989) and Batman Returns. I was baffled by the fact a lot of AMAZING things were left on the cutting room floor, which brings me to the unused poster below. I have yet to see an official restoration so  having already dabbled in upscaling/restoring with the Nintendo Power NES Batman Video Game, I tried my hand at this.


Original file (highest resolution I was able to find):


Bonus with added glow and red lips.

Nintendo Power Vol. 8 - Batman The Video Game Poster Restoration - NES, 1989

I had no idea this thing even existed and a decent scan online is pretty non-existent. This amazing piece of art was a four-page poster found in the eight volume of the now defunct Nintendo Power magazine. has a full magazine scan but unfortunately no poster is included. Found within a Michael Keaton / Batman 1989 Facebook fan page, and thanks to Devan Gladden I was able to upscale and fix several aspects of the poster, including but not limited to: 


  • • Re-doing the logos for Batman, Nintendo Power and its copyright signature 
  • • Colorization as close as possible to other pictures of the poster itself found online 
  • • Removal of creases and distortions 
  • • Smoothing (tried to keep the original details as intact as possible) 
  • • Upscaling for printing

Click for Full-size image. Dimensions: 5128x6000 px, File size: 3.3 MB

 The unedited version:

Beetlejuice (NECA Cult Classics Series 7) & repainted Vanishing Vault (Kenner, 1989)

This was one of my holy grails, but I still hold on and hope someday we'll get an ultimate version of this iconic character.

 For more info on the repainted Vanishing Vault from the original Kenner toy line, click here.

Super Bat Car 360 Tawainese Batmobile Bootleg (custom)

So in my seemingly never-ending quest of finding a Tim Burton Batmobile big enough to house a 1/12 scale figure, the closest I've come to as of yet has been this 1/16 scale bootleg. It's a bootleg because, well...


Everyone knows the best way to be a bad-ass vigilante is to advertise "New", "Fashion" and "Super Bat Car" decals.

In case it wasn't obvious, the decals, the orange-colored front windows, chrome side gadgets and rear lights, the turbine is white (and oddly shapen), there's a red artifact smack dab in the middle like some sort of siren, missiles are not only where machine guns are supposed to be but they're also white(!) AND the entire thing is lifted from the front. Now this last part has nothing to do with it being a bootleg, but it is a pretty shitty decision in toy design.

This toy's entire shtick was to go round and round while flailing missiles around and trying to be entertaining until its batteries ran out. I saw potential in making it a little bit better. Truth be told, I only had an slight idea of what to do, but much like many custom things I've worked on I didn't have an idea how or where to start. In my ignorance I made the mistake of heating it up too much and ended up warping it some, which would eventually end up giving me issues to no end.


Even at the most basic level, I had to at least paint it since removing the decals actually removed the top layer of paint. The fact there was a missing rear light erm... set, pushed me to try my hand at redoing them to be more movie accurate. You can see I filled up various hollow areas.

Since there was already a working light-up mechanism, I decided to use it for the headlights instead.

And here are some shots of the end product, eventually it'll have a sealer but since I've never used a spray one, I'd rather try on something that hasn't been so troublesome in fear of ruining it.

ThunderCats Opening Remade with CGI

Custom proton stream for Ghostbusters Plasma Series (early stage)

One of my many projects at the moment. If it gains any attention this one could be one I use for commisions. I'm getting ahead of myself of course, first it has to work! (and look good) This is good start, however, so I'm confident I'll be able to complete it in a timely manner.

1:24 scale custom Joker Goon Car (Batman 1989)

My Jada 1/24 Batman1989 Batmobile always seemed lonely and I've always wanted to accompany it with another vehicle, preferably the Batwing. Although if I have to be honest with myself, my budget is not that great so my ambitions had to be scaled back and instead go with the Joker Goon car, seen in the movie's car chase scene after Batman rescued Vicki Vale at the museum and made off with her in the Batmobile. I had looked into a Kit available but I've never done those and I don't know what level of success (or failure) I'd get when it comes to really fine detail, especially gluing parts. Another option was to buy a similar-looking model and repaint it but that would be a costly experiment, $25+ in fact. So I left it at that.

So out of nowhere a goodwill box made it home with the message "take what you want, donate the rest" out of which I got a tiny Hot Wheels Batmobile and a Maisto 1/24 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 with a busted window, a broken hood hinge and a broken wheel whose hub seem as if it had been drilled so the metal rod could be held in one way or the other. I immediately thought "I could repaint this" but what I didn't think of right away was to change it entirely to that car I had put off for the longest time. Of course it ain't screen accurate, but if I looked at it mostly from the front it could at least pass off as "kinda getting there". There was a lot of room for error but also for self-forgiveness because I had never painted on die-cast metal, nor ever painted a car!

The end result is sloppy, sure, but it taught me a great lot as well.

Some Work-in-Progress photos:

NECA Mirage Comics Shredder 1:12 scale (Repaint of TMNT Arcade Style)

Although my Batman collection is growing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one cannot be too far off, especially since the idea is that I always have all four turtles of a specific set and a Shredder to go with it.

Even though the NECA Mirage Comics style TMNT was the first set I got, I struggled to find a Shredder to go with it, mainly because he was released only as part of a 4-pack with variations of members of The Foot Clan and that set, even a bootleg version, will run upwards $110.00 and I was only really interested in Shredder. Luckily the mold was re-used for the TMNT Arcade Game Foot Clan 4-pack which was repainted and stylized in pixelated fashion, even including a cape to more faithfully match its videogame counterpart. 


I finally caved in and tried my best to paint it and although it's similar enough, I'm not too happy with the way it turned out. Who knows, I may try again in the future.

Some work in progress pictures: