Custom BvS: Dawn of Justice Electro-Armor Batman 12in. Figure

What actually set me off on considering customizing any sort of figure in any magnitude was this thing right here. I was given this figure by my ex-boss and good friend Tony. It surprised me that someone would give me a kid's toy out of nowhere but the more surprising thing is that it was based off Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a movie he really disliked. Turns out a niece or nephew gave him the toy and suffice it to say, it is a very crappy and basic looking toy that was obviously meant to cater to little kids.

So for its time and price tag ($20 approx.) it's got a pretty basic but decent look and feel to it, it's obviously not proportionate to the size of the suit, it's got semi-transparent eyes and chest emblem that light up blue when the ACTION WINGS are expanded and its very clean-looking (sunny-bright yellow) belt is very out of place.

By the way, that whole "Deploy Action Wings!" thing is sadly also present for the Superman figure and it looks even worse. That being said, I knew I had to remove those wings and it was pretty straightforward. Fortunately for me, I did not have to make a perfect cut of fabric for the cape as it just drapes down and it's supposed to look a bit roughed up.

Next I repainted the entire figure with a metallic acrylic grey I had laying around, weathered the belt, tried to darken up the areas between the actual armor, as well as get rid of the semi-transparent sections.

Disclaimer: My camera is still shit so please bear with me.

Customizing Beetlejuice 1989 Kenner Action Figures

Since I haven't posted in a while, instead of getting to the point straight away I wanted to give some background on this idea. If you don't want to read all that, click here.

What I remember most about my childhood was the entertainment and in that area, the Nintendo Entertainment System and action figures were top contenders for the crown of time wasters. Much like today.

Like most other kids born in the 80's, my toys were mainly composed of:
  • • ThunderCats 
  • • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  • • G.I. Joe 
  • • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • • Batman

However, there were some one-offs that stayed in the back of my head and one of them was Beetlejuice. I remember this toy line being somewhat limited to the point which no one else at school even bothered to have a single action figure. As an adult I've come to realize that the toy line is somewhat misguided. The Beetlejuice movie had been released in 1988 and a Saturday morning cartoon had released in 1989. I loved the film and was also definitely a fan of the animated series but if you're a stifler for consistency even as a kid you would find me asking why are Lydia and Beetlejuice friends now? Why do the outfits vary so much? Are the toys based off the film or the animated series?

For reference, the following figures as Series 1 were released and I've added what they're supposed to represent from the film:

Shish Kebab Beetlejuice, Spinhead Beetlejuice and Showtime Beetlejuice

For what they were, they were decent enough considering these were obviously based off the film. Keep in mind that although we have fond memories of Beetlejuice, he's not in the film for that long, he's very vulgar and is basically the villain of the story. Then Series 2 or the second wave of the figures came out with these two lackluster entries:

Shipwreck Beetlejuice

The only purpose of Shipwreck Beetlejuice was to deceive with its boxart and stick out four "snakes" from his hair.

This is just sad.

Exploding Beetlejuice

And the last Beetlejuice figure made by Kenner was Exploding Beetlejuice. This figure's sole purpose is to put his index fingers close to his ears like he's expecting something loud to happen and then... he explodes when you squeeze his legs.


In my opinion, what the figures had in detail, or at least a couple of the first wave, they greatly lacked in replayability and I'll explain myself. Each of them had specific poses that didn't allow for much else on top of the limited articulation. The only other thing was that figure's niché, and once you did it once or twice, it was no longer interesting.

  • • Spinhead Beetlejuice had a head you could spin by rotating a small wheel from the back and his head popped off to reveal a tiny shrunken head (also from the film). 
  • • Showtime Beetlejuice had a "lever" that would sort of raise the head, the hands were good for nothing and the stance was very specific. It also had a removable head that revealed an tiny snake head.
  • • Shish Kebab Beetlejuice had....holes so you could insert the swords. That's it. Oh and a removable head that revealed an eye.

See a pattern yet?

The last two, Shipwreck and Exploding Beetlejuice, were worse in my opinion. On top of this, none of the figures were accurate to the film or the cartoon. The toy line also had some vehicles and other characters not even worth mentioning, so what else is there?

In 2001 NECA Toys released a line that was closer to the film and for what it's worth, it's a very noticeable upgrade. However, NECA would outdo themselves in 2012 with Cult Classics Series 7 Beetlejuice.

After two decades a decent Beetlejuice figure is released equipped with the trademark pose and, most importantly, Michael Keaton's likeness. Fast-forward to 2019 and the damn thing is kinda hard to find at an affordable price, going upwards of $70. There's another version that's 18 inches tall and it talks but all that was moot, for in 2016 Sideshow Collectibles followed up with an amazing version that would be as good as getting a sequel to the film were it not for the questionable facial expression they decided to go for.

The thing was over $200 and it was sold out anyway.

I decided to try my luck and make my own version with the Beelejuice Kenner figures. I noticed that any promo image of the toy line's vehicles would always picture Beetlejuice with the body of Showtime Beetlejuice and Spinhead Beetlejuice's head. This would make for the most screen-accurate combo within that toy line. With the added bonus that the Kenner had a "Vanishing Vault" which was his grave with a tombstone and a nifty trap trick to hide the figure. I decided to paint Beetlejuice's face, including mouth, mold, eyes, hair and shirt and combined all these things with a repainted Vanishing vault, this was the result. (My apologies in advance, I have a crappy phone camera)

Ashamed of the previous series of 9/11 posts

This is the only post on my blog I'll dedicate to my 9/11 "jokes" from years ago. Although I'm not  going to consider myself a brand new person, I am no longer proud when it comes to these crude jokes at the expense of a real tragedy. Whether you believe it to be a terrorist attack or an inside job, the fact of the matter is that at the very least it meant the death of loved ones while understanding that it was so significant that its impact on the economy and certain aspects of everyday life would change for the worse in many places for years to come.

I've decided to remove the original posts and I'll use this one page as a reminder of what I no longer find witty, entertaining, amusing or tactful.

That being said, I can appreciate some of the artwork done (mainly the animated Samurai Shodown and the Beavis & Butt-head entries). That being said, I've re-done the Beavis and Butt-Head to better accommodate my current instance on this whole thing.

You can only see those old pictures if you click on the button below. Please overlook the "happy" part of the pictures below.

Do you want a bit of WTF in your day? cavecanems has your fix.

Ever since I came across Cyriak's twisted brand of genius animation so many years ago, this diving into abstract animation who goes hand-in-hand perfectly with the WTF initialism has only gotten better over the years.

My latest discovery in this field is Darío Alva, who goes by the cavecanems alias. Here's a compilation of pretty lovely fucked-uppetry.

still lost I guess, here's a tunnel... from cavecanems on Vimeo.

Forky se aferra a #RickyRossello

Cuando los ciudadados se dividen en dos categorías:

  • • Los que están acostumbrados a lo mismo, año tras año y se aferran al fanatismo
  • • Los que desean cambios y tratan de explicar el por qué el cambio es necesario

    Full Version

    Milkyway Timelapse Compilation

    What our lights don't allow us to see.

    These breath-taking images are from Japan, New Zealand and Hawaii.

    I wonder what it would be like to witness something like this while high...

    Power Rangers for grown-ups!

    A long time ago I had found the Robocop vs. Terminator vs. Predator mash-up and much to my delight I found that Adi Shankar, the creator, had made more of these inside a "Bootleg Universe". Chief among these was the "Power Rangers Unauthorized" fan film, that you can watch below.

    BUT TODAY I found out that Jason David Frank (the Green/White ranger from the famous TV show) is involved in a fan film as well, called "Legend of the White Dragon" and a trailer for the Kickstarter project was launched on July 12th, 2019. Check it out.

    About that fan-film that sparked my interest in all this, I leave you with Power Rangers Unauthorized.

    The Shining starring Jim Carrey (deepfake)

    If you've been living under a rock, there's a good chance you will still know or have heard or have seen what deepfake is or looks like.


    A lot of technical crap happens and a face is digitally replaced by another face.

    Now enjoy one the best god damned examples of this technological monstrosity. The genius behind this is Ctrl Shift Face and succeeded in replacing Jack Nicholson's stellar performance in Stanley's Kubrick The Shining with Jim Carrey's face.

    Episode 1 - Concentration

    Episode 2 - The Bat

    Episode 3 - Here's Jimmy!

    Episode 4 - The Maze

    Ascending To Hell

    This was taken way back on October 14, 2013 when I was a receptionist at a college that set up shop in an old hospital building. The amount of people that would go there to ask if it was still a hospital was stupid crazy considering the damn building had stopped being a hospital for at least a decade.

    Being closed for that long may explain why the third storey (or story) was full of humidity and all around creepiness (bat shit, no tile work, extreme darkness, etc.) You would risk being trapped up there as the elevator was in on the classic gag of letting others know how much you may shit yourself under stress. Obviously it was perfect for a photo op.

    Site re-launch! (?)

    I've been consistently working on getting all the kinks out with this new layout and although I know there will always be something to fix or modify, I can rest easy thinking "I gotta go fix that fucking code or that 1 visitor will not see it the way it was meant to be!".

    So yeah, that's pretty much it. Well, I've also gotten rid of a bunch of old very offensive posts.

    Now, now, that's not to say I lack a humor or that I am some sort of advocate for political correctness. I had to come to terms with a long of things that just did not feel right like the "Happy 9/11" posts. I started that shit when I was fresh out of high school I think, and back then it was more about being angry and offensive as possible and the backlash was, apparently, the joke.

    That and the horrible grammar.

    Safe for a few piece of original artwork, I've removed  a lot of that shit from the site and it was not entertaining, clever, or even well put together. Throwing cuss words at things is not the equivalent of funny or even ranting properly. I may re-post some of the best done pieces mainly due to genuinely liking it outside of the "Happy 9/11" part.

    I am aiming to become more active and part of that has a lot to do with the ease of content sharing on social media, which segways into the social media sidebar you will see along posts. The 3 most popular platforms are the ones I tend to use the most (well, I mean Twitter is shit but it's there).

    So thank you for taking the time to read this and if you understand Spanish, you'll see a bit of a parody of your typical "influencer", enjoy.

    Mike Tyson in Family Matters

    Mike Tyson has grown to be this weird, lovable, quirky, murderer in our society. Now he has his own sitcom! Brought to you by Mr. Fakestein, self proclaimed (rightfully so) of deepfake fucketry, he brings this gem to our eyes.

    Even he can't deny the beauty in this re-imagining of Family Matters or as we used to call it "The annoying nerd kid show".

    Cosplay: BATMAN (Low Budget)

    The WHAT

    I made my own Batman suit. Or costume. Or cosplay (I mean, it just means costume player but whatever). It is a low budget one and it is not accurate or without its shortcomings for both the person wearing it and those that look at the details.

    The WHY

    Ever since my 3rd birthday I've had at least some sort of evidence that I'm a Batman fan. Prior to this one could only assume looking at paint dry and angling my rectum in the perfect direction as to shit out my diapers were my only past times. I don't know. I don't want to know. Having been a fan for so long, I've bought Batman-related merchandise in some way or another throughout my life. Be it t-shirts, sneakers, cereal, action figures, wallets, you name it. I'm not the biggest or the most ambitions fan, not by a long shot, I'm just a very big fan of Batman, period. I'm also  a fan of Halloween and the opportunity to dress up, I've previously covered in this very blog the various disguises I've donned over time such as V for Vendetta, Cobra Commander, The Riddler, Ghostbusters, etc. One thing I had never contemplated for longer than 5 minutes at a time was to dress up as Batman, this thought would cradle back and forth for YEARS mainly because anything under $300 was a very pathetic attempt at a costume:

    Or at the very least just not a decent version of one:

    But then there were some expensive ones that while they didn't really turn any heads other than to say "Wtf?!" they just were not worth the money.

    Then I discovered cowl replicas (Batman's helmet or mask) and this opened up a whole new world of Batman cosplaying to me. I had not imagined there would be people out there sculpting and molding replicas of movie cowls, comic cowls, cartoon cowls, video game cowls, and everything else imaginable. Same goes with the gauntlets, its fins, the shin guards, chest pieces, capes, etc. A pretty average  price for one cowl is around $200 and most of them are made of a type of rubber called urethane but there are others made of latex, I've yet to buy either one of these so I can't really vouch for one or the other. When I decided to tackle this project, my main thought was "If I can't make the cowl work, the whole thing is doomed" and that it needed to be done within $300-$200, no more maybe less (but unlikely). So if I didn't shell out $200 for a cowl what did I do? I'm glad you didn't ask.

    The COST

    I had a lot of research done, I would go back and forth video games, movie stills and ideas from groups such as Becoming: BATMAN and Brotherhood of the Bat, but it was also a LOT of trial and error. To be honest, after a while it stopped being research and it was just a mish-mash of anything I could wrap my head around and create a low-budget version of. Below you'll find most if not all the components used and a link to the website I got them from:

    Batman Arkham Origin Mask = $22.00
    Notice it does not cover the back of the head, so you will have to think ahead and figure out how to cover that. Plain cloth could work but it will not look convincing at all.
    eBay Link

    Batman Returns Rubies Mask = $27.00
    This was actually the first thing I purchased. My mentality was that if I couldn't make the cowl work, nothing would. I wanted to do the Keaton version first and foremost and without shelling out $200+ I thought this was as close as I could get. Boy was I wrong... Keep in mind that both styles below are actually meant to advertise the exact same product. The grossly exaggerated poor craftsmanship of the second version is inaccurate with both the actual product and the product it tries to imitate.
    eBay Link 1 | eBay Link 2

    Ultra-thin Balaclava = $2.50
    I have long hair so this helps keep it in place, as well fill in the gaps that will inevitably show up when tilting my head.
    eBay Link


    Compression Shirt and Pants (Link) = $18.00

    This specific texture was a very nice starting point for the actual bodysuit. Of course, the photos are using an amazing specimen of some mannequin I bet, but it's still decent. And come on, you're not going to find a bodysuit for less than $20.00!

    Foam yoga mat (4mm) for the Bat Emblem (Link) = $5.00

    Faux Leather Opera Gloves (Link) = $3.50
    Archery Arm Guard (Link) = $2.50 x2 = $5.00
    9-inch Black Zipper = $1.00 x2 = $5.00

    Craft Foam (6mm)
    Craft Foam (3mm)
    Tactical Gloves (Link) = $10.00 (approx.)
    Soccer Kids Shin Guards (Link) = $4.00

    10 Pocket Utility Pouch Cartridge Ammo Tool Rugged Cotton Canvas Adjustable Belt (Link) = $15.00 (Approx.)

    Mannequin head (foam) = $5.00
    Heat Gun = $16.00
    Dremel / Rotary Tool = $10.00
    Precision knives = $8.00
    Velcro = $5.00
    Contact Cement = $6.00
    DAP Rapid Fuse Adhesive = $6.00
    Plastidip = $7.00
    Tall combat boots = $35-$55
    Upholstery Foam = $ Varies
    Upholstery faux leather fabric (at least 6 yards) = $ Varies