NECA Mirage Comics Shredder 1:12 scale (Repaint of TMNT Arcade Style)

Although my Batman collection is growing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one cannot be too far off, especially since the idea is that I always have all four turtles of a specific set and a Shredder to go with it.

Even though the NECA Mirage Comics style TMNT was the first set I got, I struggled to find a Shredder to go with it, mainly because he was released only as part of a 4-pack with variations of members of The Foot Clan and that set, even a bootleg version, will run upwards $110.00 and I was only really interested in Shredder. Luckily the mold was re-used for the TMNT Arcade Game Foot Clan 4-pack which was repainted and stylized in pixelated fashion, even including a cape to more faithfully match its videogame counterpart. 


I finally caved in and tried my best to paint it and although it's similar enough, I'm not too happy with the way it turned out. Who knows, I may try again in the future.

Some work in progress pictures: