1:24 scale custom Joker Goon Car (Batman 1989)

My Jada 1/24 Batman1989 Batmobile always seemed lonely and I've always wanted to accompany it with another vehicle, preferably the Batwing. Although if I have to be honest with myself, my budget is not that great so my ambitions had to be scaled back and instead go with the Joker Goon car, seen in the movie's car chase scene after Batman rescued Vicki Vale at the museum and made off with her in the Batmobile. I had looked into a Kit available but I've never done those and I don't know what level of success (or failure) I'd get when it comes to really fine detail, especially gluing parts. Another option was to buy a similar-looking model and repaint it but that would be a costly experiment, $25+ in fact. So I left it at that.

So out of nowhere a goodwill box made it home with the message "take what you want, donate the rest" out of which I got a tiny Hot Wheels Batmobile and a Maisto 1/24 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 with a busted window, a broken hood hinge and a broken wheel whose hub seem as if it had been drilled so the metal rod could be held in one way or the other. I immediately thought "I could repaint this" but what I didn't think of right away was to change it entirely to that car I had put off for the longest time. Of course it ain't screen accurate, but if I looked at it mostly from the front it could at least pass off as "kinda getting there". There was a lot of room for error but also for self-forgiveness because I had never painted on die-cast metal, nor ever painted a car!

The end result is sloppy, sure, but it taught me a great lot as well.

Some Work-in-Progress photos: