Nintendo Power Vol. 8 - Batman The Video Game Poster Restoration - NES, 1989

I had no idea this thing even existed and a decent scan online is pretty non-existent. This amazing piece of art was a four-page poster found in the eight volume of the now defunct Nintendo Power magazine. has a full magazine scan but unfortunately no poster is included. Found within a Michael Keaton / Batman 1989 Facebook fan page, and thanks to Devan Gladden I was able to upscale and fix several aspects of the poster, including but not limited to: 


  • • Re-doing the logos for Batman, Nintendo Power and its copyright signature 
  • • Colorization as close as possible to other pictures of the poster itself found online 
  • • Removal of creases and distortions 
  • • Smoothing (tried to keep the original details as intact as possible) 
  • • Upscaling for printing

Click for Full-size image. Dimensions: 5128x6000 px, File size: 3.3 MB

 The unedited version:


  1. Glad you liked it. I designed that to accompany our coverage of the Batman game by Sunsoft that came out in conjunction with the Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. The design was sent to a renowned artist in Japan by the name of Omuri (as best as I recall). He painted an oil painting from my design. The poster is a slightly reduced print of that oil painting. The print was sent to Warner Brothers PR department for approval (they were more strict than usual with this particular movie campaign). Warner later responded that of the 206 promotional items that were created in association with the campaign, they judged this poster as the most "spectacular." This was such a feather in the artist's cap that he was kind enough to send me both a full sized print from the oil painting as well as an original oil painting of a bust-portrait of Batman. At conventions, I still get occasionally asked to sign copies of the poster.

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