Custom 1:12 Jack Nicholson Joker - Batman (1989)

Some time in the near future I will be posting about the initial version of this small project that was an utter failure, I'm still trying to undo the unfavorable changes I did to the original figure I used....

Anyway, this is in the 1:12 scale and Joker's body is a Mattel DC Multiverse Batman 80 Years The Joker figure, which was a throwback to the original Toy Biz Batman 1989 "toy line" which consisted of only three figures (Batman, Joker and Bob The Goon).

This body came with a cane that had a giant harlequin head which I immediately chopped off, and its squirting flower accessory.  It was fitted with a scaled down or "shrunken" version of the 1:6 Hot Toys Jack Nicholson Joker purchased from Action Figure Customs. It cannot be stressed enough how wonderful these sculpts are, I highly recommend his eBay store (linked also in the Instagram page). It is a perfect recreation of its bigger Hot Toys brother and it fit right into the Mattel Joker's peg perfectly, no alterations needed.

The hat is mainly composed of an expired plastic card, I figured it'd sturdy enough, and in order to do the "sides" I used some fabric from a flag, I believe the fabric is felt. Add a whole bunch of super glue and sanding down said glue and violá! I was surprised it only took me two tries to get it right (well... almost right if I'm gonna be honest).

I have future plans to get a decent camera again, but these were taken with a crappy phone's camera, that's why they're chock full of post processing effects. Please forgive me.