Glascow 1883

So I admit I've been getting caught up on photography and sort of abandoned photo-manipulations like a bastard child.

So while I fix that, I'll share this itty bitty.

This picture, pictures actually, was taken in my hometown, Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. The murals you see are what's left of some sort of facility that existed more than a hundred years ago, and some of the equipment (currently not shown but might post later on), which consisted of gigantic gears and some sort of pipe system, is dated 1889, with the name Glascow next to it.

I'm still trying to find more info on the site.


Fixed the post's title, it's actually 1889 1883.


  1. Awesome! Me likes!
    By the way, can't you sell that machinery on e-bay or something?

  2. I will post some of the machinery's pictures soon, but no, I can't sell them over eBay.

    Imagine giant gears like those of a clock, one foot thick and over six feet tall.

  3. Whoaaa, the picture is beautiful!!

  4. Whoaaa, the picture is beautiful!!