Shots of Horror Movie Figures

So I really don't know how this happened, or rather how it didn't, but I discovered I hadn't posted my first ever figure/collectible photos on my blog. These were taken with my now-defunct Canon Rebel XTi camera and I did not own the figures, I borrowed the figures from a local at my hometown.

I recently found out these were 18+ inches tall! It's been almost ten years since I took these photos, so memory is a bit hazy thinking they were 12 inches.

Okay, let's start off with...

Edward Scissorhands 18" Movie Maniacs Series 5 - McFarlane Toys (2002)

I remember it having very little articulation and it supposedly had "motion-activated  blade moving action" in order to wiggle its scissor-fingers but the figure I had was bust.

Jason Vorhees (Freddy Vs Jason) 19" - NECA (2009)

The articulation on this guy was better but still very limited. It had a removable mask and this is one of the "less is more" cases in my opinion as the face reveal has always been disappointing when it comes to Jason. It had a machete that was not removable, effectively mimicking the running theme of the movies.

Leatherface 18" Movie Maniacs Series 4 - McFarlane Toys (2001)

The chainsaw on this guy had a broken handle so it was tricky not having it show in the shots. The fact a lot of the folds at the clothes are sculpted with a lot of detail, using the articulation points actually kinda messes up the realism of the look. I remember liking the experimenting using a candle for lighting.