Cosplay - The Riddler (2016)

Continuing to finally document and post what I've done in the past few Halloweens, we move on to year 2016, where I decided to bring it down a notch. In order to do that, I had to decide for a character that uses regular every-day clothing (just in very specific color schemes).

I don't remember using this outside of one Halloween party and a Superhero day at work (yes, I know The Riddler is not a superhero), so the main purpose was for it to be low-effort, economical and comfortable to wear.

Consisting of a spray-painted black bowler or derby hat, a few iron-on patches, cheap purple tie and purple ladies leather gloves, a green jacket from, I can definitely say the hardest thing of this whole get-up was...

...the freakin' Riddler cane. Consisting of a wooden dustpan handle, a small PVC pipe segment and a heavily modified wooden "S" bought at TJ Maxx, my hometown friend "Guichy" Millán (IG Profile) went through a lot of effort to make this a reality at the lowest cost possible. Thanks to time and a stupid hurricane named Maria, I no longer have this.