MS-Paint Beetlejuice

And now here's Beetlejuice!

This was my first time ever drawing this guy, having around 4 pictures as reference, I managed to draw The Ghost with The Most as shown in his animated series that ran in the early 90's. As you may or may not know, the Beetlejuice movie was what made the first Tim Burton Batman movie possible. So I guess you could say I'm on a Tim Burton roll, but don't go thinking that now I'll draw that idiot Edward Scissorhands.

On to the notes, I didn't have a background planned for this one as I started it, and nothing in the Neitherworld is easy to draw, it's got that random look that looks like it was made by a 7-year-old yet it takes quite some practice to get it right if you wanna replicate it. At first I thought I would BJ's house, then I thought about Lydia's house, but I saw the intro again on YouTube and decided to go with the cartoon's logo.

As I said, I didn't have a planned background, and I had reached the end of the main character's drawing, as you know, MS-Paint doesn't have layers, so doing a background around Beetlejuice is a must. But I cheated a bit, I made the background in an entirely new document and then pasted Beetlejuice over it. I'm not particularly proud of it, but it had to be done. The letters would've been amazingly difficult to "visualize" behind BJ, thus making them unproportionate.

Not much to tell here, it took me longer to finish than Batman because towards, I was feeling uninterested, but once I started the background (yesterday) I managed to finish it.


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  1. Me encantó como lo hiciste, oye! por qué no está el de Batman?! abrazos, Pk