The Joker

Here's one I should've posted along with Harvey Dreth, it's Batman: The Dark Knight's take on The Joker. With the hype of the movie, many shitty Photoshop edits started waving left and right from every corner of the Internet, there were even tutorials.

None of these helped me, because I didn't have the poses they showed in tutorials, nor were my pictures of the same quality. Consequently I directed my attention to the movie's own promotional ads, more specifically this one:

So I went ahead and took a picture of my hand with some crappy cotton black Halloween glove I had laying around with a really old Joker card from a normal card deck and grabbed an old picture that had no real purpose besides just taking space from my preciously limited Hard Drive.

I started doing this after watching the movie the day after it came out. It was mostly rushed but ended up better than I expected, but my expectations weren't that high anyway.


Finished Joker

The only thing that's not mine are the teeth, which I took from some random Google Image Search result bastard.


  1. Mad skills. And I like the hahas you added also.

    Only one thing bugs me, why are the colours so dim?
    It gives me an itch just looking at it. If it were bigger I would have already saved it and adjusted the contrast or something.
    Or maybe it was on purpose and I'm an idiot.

  2. The whole thing is dim because the picture's quality was really low and like I was said, it was rushed.