Glascow Machinery

In response to Nazario's request, here is what's behind the actual ruins.


Time to Update

November came and went without anything interesting to do/post, so before ending the year I figured I could breathe some life into my old crappy abandoned corner by changing its layout.

Old Blue grew old on me.

That and the fact I wanted to use a photo of mine on the site itself, instead of editing some stock photo found online. Everything looks in place for now, but if I know a thing or two about web design (I don't, apparently) I'm sure there are some details to be looked at still, but I have to take a rest from this thing. Not a long one, mind you.

Also, I will be looking for some alternatives for implementing photo albums on this thing, want to keep it as streamlined as possible.

That's it for now, here's something completely unrelated, educational tidbits from Fake Science.


Yo Father Brother & Uncle Cousin

He fucked yo mother.

Which is his own mother.


The mentality of Warez forums that rely on Rapidshare

Of course, this was done a few years ago, when there was an hour-long wait between downloading 100MB files from Rapidshare.


Bottle by Kirsten Lepore


Lulz Ensued


Glascow 1883

So I admit I've been getting caught up on photography and sort of abandoned photo-manipulations like a bastard child.

So while I fix that, I'll share this itty bitty.

This picture, pictures actually, was taken in my hometown, Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. The murals you see are what's left of some sort of facility that existed more than a hundred years ago, and some of the equipment (currently not shown but might post later on), which consisted of gigantic gears and some sort of pipe system, is dated 1889, with the name Glascow next to it.

I'm still trying to find more info on the site.


Fixed the post's title, it's actually 1889 1883.


Kick-Ass redention of The Solar System

You can at last thank Wikipedia for providing you of something cool besides the power of editing your hometown's history and adding yourself as Chief Turd Inspector.

DeviantArt artist Licoti (licoti.deviantart) has privided the Internetz with one of the most beautifully-rendered pieces of digital "space" art.

Don't have the time or patience to download a 19MB picture? Well, there's also a video.


Cocal Beach, Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

So, I'm back to one of my proud moments in photography, I went to one of the local beaches in Yabucoa and decided to a really FUCKEN WIDE PIC of it. Actually it's more like 17 pictures. And I'm tired of milestones now, this one was 800MB and I was fucking pissed.

So it's not gonna be an accomplishment to surpass that as much as it'll be a nightmare.

That's the reduced Blogger version.

Here is the really big (16949 x 2589) full-size version:


Photoshop: Zully

Ironically my first photo-manip with my new camera is not of me, but of a girl that hates having her pictures taken. She made a nice effort to tolerate having a camera in front of her, so I'm thankful.


A milestone in my computer

Last Friday I was attending a graduation ceremony (how I hate those) at the Convention Center, San Juan Puerto Rico. Instead of photographing people I went for something far more interesting, plants. But as I walked further from the Convention Center, I saw this giant man-made structure and I just had to stop and take a bunch of consecutive pictures and hope for the best.

Today I built up the courage to finally "stitch" all these pictures together and well...

This whopping beast has beaten my "Biggest PSD Filesize" record, held previously by the Mortal Kombat (Raiden vs. Scorpion) Photomontage (at 143MB), and before that, Dreth - Energy (76 MB).

This one is 160 MB, but you won't be able to tell why, since the uploader tool greatly resizes the entire image.


Full-Version, so you can see all the fuckups.

Had to split it up, FB wouldn't let me upload the full version.

Full version:


A typical conversation of my past

This was apparently back in 2007, I have no idea why I kept a random text file with this and I've no idea who she is.

Luckycharm: hugs dreth
Dreth: I have a small penis
Dreth: Send me a present
Dreth: Penis Pump
Luckycharm: LOL
Dreth: I'm serious.
Dreth: Send it.
Luckycharm: dreth i am too
Dreth: About what
Luckycharm: im talking to married men all the time here
Dreth: Oh
Dreth: I don't care about them, they're married, they can fuck girls. But I NEED A PENIS PUMP!
Luckycharm: do u think thats dangerous?
Dreth: What's dangerous? You breaking up marriages? Nah
Luckycharm: just play with it all the time darling
Luckycharm: it will grow
Dreth: No it won't.
Luckycharm: -gives dreth a little massage-
Dreth: I'm 20 years old already, I've pulled and pulled, I've seen blood flow, I'd had tears drip from my cheek onto my balls, it is NOT getting bigger.
Luckycharm: ssshhhh
Dreth: And I'm not married.
Luckycharm: yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luckycharm: oh cmon
Luckycharm: guess what dreth
Dreth: Penis pump?
Luckycharm: i had a 20yr old interested in me last night
Luckycharm: HONEST
Luckycharm: his name was luke
Luckycharm: and he wanted me
Dreth: Skywalker?
Luckycharm: he said i looked about 24
Dreth: Well you're Leia to him.
Dreth: Donut hair is hawt.
Luckycharm: OH
Luckycharm: i turned him down
Luckycharm: tooooyoung
Dreth: Penis pump god damn it!
Luckycharm: he had pretty blue eyes
Luckycharm: i wonder i f i would turn u down in real life
Dreth: I'm the son you wanted to have. Or whatever.
Dreth: Well I'd ask you for the pump in real life.
Luckycharm: i never ever said that
Dreth: You thought about it!
Luckycharm: because i looked at you as fuckable material in like a decade
Luckycharm: LOL
Luckycharm: JK
Dreth: You'll be like 70 in 10 years.
Luckycharm: no
Luckycharm: 42
Dreth: 72 then
Dreth: Sheesh
Luckycharm: good
Luckycharm: i got to go
Dreth: No, penis pump.
Dreth: PENIS PUMP, damn woman. You can send it! Stop being a cheap whore!

And this one is from 2006, I still wonder why I saved them in the first place, maybe this was the pinnacle of my "OOOOH HAR HAR I'M A FUNNY ASSHOLE WITH BAD GRAMMAR" stage.


Blue Orchids

Or clitorial flowers as I've come to call them.


Beavis & Butt-Head

These are the NECA Head Knockers of Beavis & Butt-Head, they're pretty detailed and they are around 8-6 inches. So I can use them as my wang's replacement.


Suddenly exercising is a lot like...

Sure, I can see all the upsides this workout might have.


Mau Creek

This is the first picture I'll post from my Canon Rebel XTi, it's a series of shots from a small creek in the neighboring town of Maunabo. Minor Photoshop involvement.


The Unstoppable Andy Dick


Photoshop: Mortal Kombat

Finally do I manage to finish my latest idiotic attempt at being kewl. The theme this time around was one of my favorite game franchises of the 90's, Mortal Komabat. I loved this universe so much I even joined the Mortal Kombat Conquest community for a while, and contributed some tidbits, such as interviewing the guys that played Quan Chi, Adoni Maropis, and Scorpion, Chris Cassamassa, on the live action TV show, as well as the first Mortal Kombat movie. Yes, I was a fan, until the new games arrived. It all went to hell. I think I'll post the interviews later on.

So anyway... I had some practice before (many many years ago) doing a "Raiden" picture.

So if I'm humiliating myself by outdoing my old pieces of crap, I figured... why not do the classic stand-off Versus screen that you'd see before putting two masochists with superhuman abilities duke it out?


Forgot to add, this is officially the last picture I'll edit with my Samsung S730, I'll be giving it to my father. Now it's all about the Canon Rebel XTi baby!


Voluntary vs. Involuntary Education

Fuck school, you can educate yourself without needing to have some monotone almost-ritualistic system of "necessary" knowledge being shoved up your ass.

If you need to be told what to do and what to learn in life in order to achieve anything at all, you deserve to be spoon-fed everything, miserable little twat.


A Russian Masterpiece

This was made back in 1946, no computers, no blue screen, no bullshit.


Super Mario Bros. Crossover

This is gonna kick so much ASS!

Two of my favorite NES games, in one. I'm eargerly waiting for it to be released. More info at

Just to clarify, the game is out, but the Ninja Gaiden addition is not out yet. To play as Samus Aran, Mega Man, Link, Simon from Castlevania and the guy from Contra visit the Newgrounds' version.


Visit mah frend : Injected Inspirations

What I can do on a computer, I lack in manual labor and creativity, at least nothing this damn spectacular.

I always admire people that turn what would otherwise be deemed garbage into real pieces of art. You can visit her Facebook page to find out more.


Dreth's Poopin by natedog

MyConfinedSpace's natedog decided to pull a lolcat with my pictures.

And his inspiration.

What a fucker.


Axl Rosario & Toño Rose

Toño Rosario & Axl Rose

Other similarities:

  1. Both their musical careers started in early 1980's but their names really took off in in the later years of that same decade.
  2. Their last names are related to the rose flower.
  3. Their second names begin with the letter A (Antonio and Axl).
  4. They love to dress up like idiots. Even more so than when it was OK in the 80's.
  5. They both have had a (ex)wife mentioned in at least two of their songs and music videos.
  6. They have never been spotted in the same place at the same time.

Otras simulitudes:

  1. Las carreras musicales de ambos comenzaron prácticamente comenzaron a principios de la década de los 80's pero sus nombres cobraron popularidad al final de dicha década.
  2. Sus apellidos estan relacionados con la rosa (flor).
  3. Sus segundos nombres comienzan con la letra A (Antonio y Axl).
  4. Les encantan vestirse como idiotas. Más ahora que cuando era un poco más aceptable en los 80's.
  5. Ambos han mencionado a una (ex)esposa en al menos dos de sus canciones y videos musicales.
  6. Ninguna ha sido vistos en el mismo lugar al mismo tiempo.


A new beginning

Getting started is as exciting as it is humiliating.

Thanks to my girlfriend good friend Kandi I had the guts to finally DOWNLOAD a video editing program, after getting scared shitless by them a few years ago, especially when I wanted to create DVD menus and fit multiple movies into one DVD disc.

After getting past my phobias I found that there's an interesting "hook" to this, albeit to me it has been more uphill than when I learned to work with pictures. Aaaand now I'm not feeling nostalgic.

I remember back in 2001 on MSN Chat, under my countless "dark" nicknames (DeathAwaitsUs, DethPhantom, DarthEd, etc, you get the idea) I "met" these other "goths" that mainly revolved around giving you vague answers (the less you talk the more mysterious you supposedly are) and their personal info, if any, mainly consisted of dark vomit like this:

•°o.O DaRkBuTtErFlY O.o°•

I am.... only me...

99 years old / F / Nowhere and Everywhere... I am timeless...

-insert random Boris Vallejo demon here-

This is my pet... Succubus...

-insert stupidly overused animated GIF here-


Chinese man is UNSTOPPABLE

At least we can rule out it was because of penis size jealousy. Even by Killer Instinct standards, a 28-hit combo is pretty impressive.


Photoshop: Off My Chest

Was originally gonna be an alien or arm bursting out my chest but the dark grungy effect helps soothe the shitty quality of my camera. It's a response to people that post any and all Photoshop "thingies" they make online, instead of waiting to roll out something good.

Unfortunately I decided to show what I meant with one of's members because he posted a couple of Photoshop'd images of his, he's a cool dude from what it seems, but this is not different than my Two-Face picture, which was inspired by someone else's good concept but shitty Photoshop skills. You try to outdo people and in the process you learn new things. It's an universal competition AND collaboration. You take ideas and make them your own by adding your own "twist" to things.

I am aware of how arrogant this sounds, because I'm not great at Photoshop, but I've done a bunch of tidbits that aren't interesting or just look like crap and I don't post them because of that same reason, it's the quality that matters.

If anyone reads this, when you start off things like working on Photoshop or making tracks with FL Studio, or coding websites, or editing videos, etc. show it to people and ask for ways to improve upon it, always think your work isn't good enough, it's the only way to get better.

There will come a time in which you will look at your older stuff and go "WTF, I made this crap and thought it was good?!?!" it happens to all of us.


Portable Gaming

So I finally got around to looking for REAL games for my Samsung F250L, which serves more as a gaming device than a telecommunications tool.

Then I, by mistake, took it to the bathroom and as I sat there, concentrated on the master throne, I made a "quick deal" with myself (I do these all the time). I would play Super Puzzle Bobble (commonly known as Bust-A-Move also) on my cell phone and I would not get up from the toilet until I lost. Knowing this would be historic in my own two-dimensional world, I went to get my camera.

Pity for me, the game's aiming takes a bit getting used to, compared to the arcade and Super Nintendo versions, but I didn't let that affect me because on a single seating (pun fuckin' intended) I reached Round 26 with a high score of 130,460. That's an accomplishment for someone whose ass is getting its circulation cut off, dirty, emitting strange noises and my half-bathroom isn't a big one, so I can't stretch my legs either.

Pics you say? Sure!


Animation: PIXELS


Just... plain epic.


Michael Bublé being stalked by a Velociraptor?

Indeed. Reports of this -googles his name- apparently popular singer (outside the US, anyway) of being stalked by one the prehistoric era's most skilled hunters are making the rounds on the Internet.

The sightings have been endless and continue to become more apparent. They are all documented on:

I've submitted three sightings so far, the first one is on the site, but not sure if the other two will get published.


Why Cats Rule

You don't badmouth a cat that has just slapped you twice.

You'll get knocked the FUCK OUT!


Photoshop: Embracing Doom

Boredom at 4AM did this to me.



I don't know if to love or hate this animation.

It reminds me too much of that little cousin I used to stay with that decided I was his hero for a day and he'd imitate every single thing, even laughing about stuff he didn't understand. But there were punches involved afterwards, so it wasn't that bad... until my auntie arrived.

Cargado por nicop. - Videos de arte y animación.


The Memory Remains

I'm having euphoric memories by peeling off the scabs on my knee as a result of a fall at my own home last Friday. Memories long forgotten by the continuing struggles we have each day just to stay awake without hunger and to sleep without fear.

Memories of a time when little mattered and what was good, was simple. That coming home all sweaty was a sign of a satisfactory day and not of a long, forced, tiresome, miserable journey just to be able to eat.


Animation: Blind Spot

A cute and somewhat tragic (but not for me!) short animation about perspective and being at the wrong place at the worst time.

Blind spot - Animation Gobelins from tiry_73 on Vimeo.


Photoshop: Gimme, Gimme Kandi

Another one for my girlfriend modeled after Britney Spears' "Gimme Gimme" single cover.


I'm feeling a bit touchy today


We really should give women equal treatment

Sometimes the pointless crap I spout surprises me. The disclaimer here is that this applies to a lot of women I've seen/met but not ALL. So if you're offended by this, good, because it means that it applies to you.

Were women always so attentive of the whole "Mix 'n Match" game as they grew up?

Did they mix Pampers with suppositories?

Was playing with Barbies a hidden training for acting like the most shallow, superficial thunder cunts later on in life?


The problem with Haiti?

I know I am not alone in this.

But if there's a need of going about it a bit further, fine.

Help is being sent there, food and clothing donated by thousands. The news are pouring with the same damn thing, day in, day out. Ultimately everytime I open my browser is a picture of a black kid with a headline close to "CAN'T DO SHIT BECAUSE THEY'RE CRAZY".

I remember Katrina, I remember Sri Lanka, I remember a bunch of disasters in which people needed help and they got it. Now I see Haiti has fucked itself in the ass harder than Nazi troops trying to beat Russians. Apparently they can't behave like human beings, sure, panic is to be expected, hunger, thrist, desperation, but every single headline after "Shitland has turned into Diarrhea" has been "Shitland doesn't let the world wipe its Ass by frantically snarling and clickling their tongues".

Y'know, if you dumbass jerks don't want help, the world doesn't HAVE to give it to you. Most country leaders do it because it'll be a drag for their re-election campaigns if they don't. So to hell with you and your 4,000 escaped inmates, you were supposed to hose them all with acid, not keep them for shits and giggles anyway.