Puerto Rico Convention Center - A milestone in my computer

Last Friday I was attending a graduation ceremony (how I hate those) at the Convention Center, San Juan Puerto Rico. Instead of photographing people I went for something far more interesting, plants. But as I walked further from the Convention Center, I saw this giant man-made structure and I just had to stop and take a bunch of consecutive pictures and hope for the best.

Today I built up the courage to finally "stitch" all these pictures together and well...

This whopping beast has beaten my "Biggest PSD Filesize" record, held previously by the Mortal Kombat (Raiden vs. Scorpion) Photomontage (at 143MB), and before that, Dreth - Energy (76 MB).

This one is 160 MB, but you won't be able to tell why, since the uploader tool greatly resizes the entire image.

Click for a bigger version so you can see all the fuckups.