Politicos Inamibles: Rafy Surillo

Like Mariíta, Rafy Surillo is also from Yabucoa and is running for town mayor for the PPD (the red guys).  I've no idea if he is good or not, if I'm going to vote, I'll mostly likely write down my own name. The thing here is with his last name, Surillo. Now, there are two words used in Puerto Rico that look/sound close to Surillo, one is sorullo (corn fritter) and cerilla (earwax).

It's not a big debate over which one would be more interesting to implement on this guy's promo pictures. Plus, his entire big eyebrow/moustache/nose complexion (which were modified a teensy-weensy bit) reminds me for some reason of Street Fighter's Blanka and a garden gnome's love-child.


Politicos Inamibles: Mariita Santiago

You definitely had to be living in Puerto Rico during the 80's and early 90's to get this one. It parodies Mirta de Perales, an old hag that would advertise some sort of magical shampoo that somehow gave you instant beautiful hair as long you washed your scalp like she did in the commercials.

She basically buried her fingers and moved the scalp back and forth (not actually through the hair). It made perfect sense! Of course they would use a very, very old commercial of hers, since she was so damn old and nasty looking by the time I saw them on-air. She died recently, to my surprise, the old hag probably drank her awful shampoo to make it all the more poetic.

Mariita herself is a Senator from my hometown of Yabucoa, to the best of my knowledge she doesn't have any outstanding degrees that would make her ideal for her position (but it doesn't matter because you land those by kissing ass). But, like all the rest of the politicians, I don't follow their agendas so I don't know if they're as inept as they seem at first glance.



This is a 1989 "BluePrinter Batmobile Cocoon Armored Shield", it's a model kit, which means you have to assemble and paint it. Got it off eBay a few months ago as my own birthday present since the original Batmobile of the same year for the action figures weren't as cheap as I thought they'd be (it was Christmas season after all).

Looking at the uploaded versions of Blogger, the upload process somehow, apparently, compressed and fucked the blacks on the photos, so I've replaced them with Flickr's version.


Photography Picdump

It has been almost a year since I moved out of my house, this implied using the laptop a lot more than my desktop PC at first, but with the advent of a fried motherboard (two, actually) I relied solely on the laptop. I have almost the same stuff on both computers, but my desktop had more recent photos of my Canon Rebel XTi, so I always felt it inadequate to update my Canon Rebel XTi folder on the laptop, since there would always be some photos missing.

The last couple of days I've installed Lightroom and imported the photos and catalog from my desktop's hard drive to my laptop's, have been retouching some old pictures that were on hold as well as transferring all the new pictures that had been accumulating in the camera's memory for almost a year (as mentioned previously). So this small batch is of those new pictures that had been gathering digital dust up until now. Enjoy.

Leatherface figurine against candle and LED flashlight.

 Les Paul
Gibson Les Paul Guitar.

Banana Tree
The innards of a banana tree.


Everyone's a Photographer / Philosopher / Bullshitter aka Hipster

I think I cracked the code and did the equivalent of one year's worth of art of an iMac/iPad/iPhone user.

Mind you I did NOT do this on an Apple product, nor with Instagram. It takes a lot of hard work to find out how to make your photos look like everyone else's. Shame there's no real tag for sarcasm available in coding languages.


Meme: Boricua Patriotico (Patriotic Boricua)

I'm not saying this has the potential to be a popular meme, but it's certainly exploitable. I came up with this after hearing one too many things from purists that regardless of how bad odds looked for a local athlete, they still cheer him on. I call that blind fanaticism, but that's just me. Here are the first four I created and their English translations below.

"We have to support our stuff"
Go buy clothing at Pac-Sun and Hot Topic

"My island is the best, long live Puerto Rico"
Moves to New York
"I'm Boricua so you better recognize"
Born, raised and residing in U.S.
"Support our musicians"
It's cheaper to only see them at patronage festivals


Politicos Inamibles: Norberto Andujar

I know nothing of this guy, besides that he's one of the red guys (in Puerto Rico each political party has a designated color, they had to narrow it down to colors to appeal to their respective stupid fans, the PPD is red, the PIP is green and the PNP is blue). That and that he's obviously trying to achieve his dream as a SEARS catalogue model. Seriously, look at him.

I'd vote the fuck out of that ladder. It looks so committed.

That and that gleaming fake smile called out to me. So I nicknamed him with Norberto "Estoy Tan Fuckin' Feliz" which means "I'm So Fuckin' Happy".


Dreth's eBay Feedback

I know a while ago I posted somewhere on the Internet some of my previous feedback left for eBay sellers.

Here it is in case you did not see it the first time around.

(Click on the images to enlarge 'em)

Well that was almost a year ago. Here's some more recent feedback.