Photography Picdump

It has been almost a year since I moved out of my house, this implied using the laptop a lot more than my desktop PC at first, but with the advent of a fried motherboard (two, actually) I relied solely on the laptop. I have almost the same stuff on both computers, but my desktop had more recent photos of my Canon Rebel XTi, so I always felt it inadequate to update my Canon Rebel XTi folder on the laptop, since there would always be some photos missing.

The last couple of days I've installed Lightroom and imported the photos and catalog from my desktop's hard drive to my laptop's, have been retouching some old pictures that were on hold as well as transferring all the new pictures that had been accumulating in the camera's memory for almost a year (as mentioned previously). So this small batch is of those new pictures that had been gathering digital dust up until now. Enjoy.

Leatherface figurine against candle and LED flashlight.

 Les Paul
Gibson Les Paul Guitar.

Banana Tree
The innards of a banana tree.