The Moon

It's been a while since I've taken pictures of-- well, just taken pictures in general. I was busy for about a month learning, practicing and finalizing the "documentary" of the short-lived punk rock band I was in, Cheap (A) Oi!, and ever since I've struggled to go out and take pictures.

Tonight was a night out and the sky was pretty clear so I went back home, grabbed my backpack and went off, because if I didn't take the chance, I was going to wait somewhere between a year and an eternity while the "muse" visited me. I have no new equipment, which should be considered a sin, so this was still shot with my Canon Rebel XTi and the Sigma DG 70-300, a nice, cheap, albeit slow lens I've had but not used very much. I used Photoshop to play a bit with the contrast and add the watermark because even using Lightroom after so long is a hassle for me (I'm reaching new heights of procrastination, I know).