NECA Batman – 7″ Action Figure – 1989 Video Game Appearance

I ordered this in the blink of an eye for my birthday because 1) it's a 1989 Batman and 2) it's related to my favorite Batman video game. Everything about the NES version of Tim Burton's Batman film is astonishing, the slightest things just made me stand in awe back then. Things like the barely-noticeable cape movement when resuming from crouching position, to the concept of wall jumps were second place when on top if it all was the catchiest piece of 8-bit music I've had the pleasure to let my ears sweat to.

Here's a video of the Level 1, which showcases everything I've just mentioned:

The color palette used in the few cut scenes as well as the game itself are tastefully carried over to the NECA Batman figure, which is a direct mold from the real life counterpart, including Michael Keaton's likeness. I took the liberty to play with the saturation, so the end result is almost nothing like the figure's original color (shown at the end of this post). It's safe to say that even as a die-hard fan, I prefer this to the original action figures released alongside the movie in 1989, whose entire run consisted of 3 characters, Batman, The Joker and Bob the Goon (Penguin, Riddler, Robin as well as others were re-released from earlier non-movie related runs).