Some old sketches

So the other day I did some cleaning and found my good ol' plastic container of "Things I Should Throw Away But I Don't Want To, Yet". In it, some notebooks from my high school years (these can be anywhere from 2000-2003), and I suddenly remembered I would draw inane crap during classes so I figured "hey, I might throw these out next time I clean, so might as well keep whatever's worth scavenging".

I tried to clean them up a bit before saving them, but some are so old and faint (pencil, nonetheless) that the result is sketchy at best. No, that wasn't a pun, fuckwit. So, like the title implies, here are "Some old sketches". Keep in mind they're not remotely good, this post has more of an "archive" purpose.

This guy has a condom for a mask, a towel for a cape, a sock for a groin guard and a single knee pad for storing needles. Needles that have poked through his skin as he continues to "Wooo" and jump like an imbecile. He also wear a single sandal in case he needs to throw it. But just one, because you can't fight... err-- whatever the hell he is fighting (a disease?) barefoot.

Top Row:

Batman, looking on from the lamest gargoyle in Gotham, sculpted from a LEGO dragon from the looks of it. Some drooling humanoid that apparently can't streak properly. A fat black man in his underwear. Don't ask why. A screaming... pointing... guy? Damned if I know.

Bottom Row:

A floating head with bags under its eyes, the dead can't sleep. A happy face, with two belly buttons, a 9-toe foot, two arms and its single ear is a tiny man with tinier hands. This is what Tom Anderson would look like if he had balls. A baby doing what a baby does best, being stupid. And some scientific dude with stubby legs contemplating.... the stupid baby? Behind him may be another floating head of a recently deceased old man. I say recently because he doesn't have bags under his eyes. Yet.