El Power Ranger Moderno (?)

Ranger 1 - Poder de barba asquerosa

Ranger 2 - Poder de ponerme una puta camisilla para toda ocasión

Ranger 3 - Poder de "partidura" de embuste... no, no, espera...

Ranger 3 (v.2) - Poder de recorte de lesbiana Europea

Ranger 4 - Poder de masturbarme todas las noches mirándome en el espejo

Ranger 5 - Poder de treparme las bolas hasta el ombligo



NoFucksGiving Day


Some old sketches

So the other day I did some cleaning and found my good ol' plastic container of "Things I Should Throw Away But I Don't Want To, Yet". In it, some notebooks from my high school years (these can be anywhere from 2000-2003), and I suddenly remembered I would draw inane crap during classes so I figured "hey, I might throw these out next time I clean, so might as well keep whatever's worth scavenging".

I tried to clean them up a bit before saving them, but some are so old and faint (pencil, nonetheless) that the result is sketchy at best. No, that wasn't a pun, fuckwit. So, like the title implies, here are "Some old sketches". Keep in mind they're not remotely good, this post has more of an "archive" purpose.


Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Just finished Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons, it's a very well-made game. It was launched back in 2013 via Xbox Live Arcade, subsequently on Windows and Playstation 3.

The simple mechanics take almost no time to learn, keyboard use is supported but a gamepad is strongly recommended since you're in control each brother individually at the same time. They both have one button to interact with the environment or each other and an analog stick assigned, that's it. The approach of substituting a real language for small undecipherable phrases with body gestures tell a more compelling story than anything I've seen in video games in a long time.

The world has an odd mix between what we perceive as the real world, accompanied with fantasy characters mostly inspired by Greek mythology such as Arachne, Giants and Griffins. Accompanying the amazing narrative are gorgeous visuals (aided by the Unreal Engine 3) as you can see both in the trailer and pictures, the game is supposedly 3 hours long but it felt more than that because there is a lot to look at along the way, it also helped that I didn't play it all the way through in one sitting. That being said, there were many times I wished the adventure was longer, the world was bigger, the backstory for this reality explored much more, but it is what it is, and it is beautiful.

It has its slow moments, but it builds up to an amazing adventure on a scale that I never expected from an "indie" game.



BattleForTheNet.com - Say YES to Net Neutraility



Photoshop - The Struggles

It seems I'm my own best subject to work on. All humour aside, this actually speaks volumes of how I've basically been living day in day out since my "episode" in January 2014. Interpret it how you will. And yeah, I never could get the hand on the shoulder to look convincing enough, but it ain't easy when you're rushing something before the muse runs out as well as shooting everything by yourself.


Have a Joker Pop-psycko


Photoshop: Ripped

This is my first "serious" photo-manip since, oh, perhaps 2011 2010 apparently. The only way I could find out was through the site itself since the original files in my computer have corrupted dates (all the way up to 2021).

The pictures, however, were taken in 2011. This was still when I lived with my mother (sad? you bet), 2 relationships and 3 places ago. A simple enough concept, a composite of two pictures, one with the pressure points on my face and another with a hand far from the face. The quality of the final product is not what I was hoping to achieve, my only excuses are that the pictures' quality was lesser than what I had expected after all these years and, that once I had achieved the main effect, I was in a hurry to finish it and most of the original concept was thrown out the door.

Originally, it was meant to have my face being stretched and ripped, much like this scene from Poltergeist:

An early concept also included my other hand grabbing the one you see, ripping it as well.  In the end, I solved it with a big "fuck it" and finished it.


So I want to go see the Red Hot Chili Peppers

But there's a catch. I don't have the dough for it, so I'm in this contest where the picture with most LIKES gets 6 free tickets.

So, LIKE (the picture, not the Radio Station's page) away!

Some Colombian asshole with the following picture:

Good thing the people hosting the contest didn't bother to check the validity of the "Likes" (we lost by about 21) or to reinforce the specification that the rules included that the picture had something to do with Salchichas Carmela, Red Hot Chili Peppers and "originality". Otherwise, I'm fairly sure we would've won with our entry:

Alas, I'm still going to see RHCP, and Gabriel is still a piece of shit.



Not taking credit for the background image, found at 4walled.cc


Lesser Key - Intercession (Music Video)