Photoshop: Ripped

This is my first "serious" photo-manip since, oh, perhaps 2011 2010 apparently. The only way I could find out was through the site itself since the original files in my computer have corrupted dates (all the way up to 2021).

The pictures, however, were taken in 2011. This was still when I lived with my mother (sad? you bet), 2 relationships and 3 places ago. A simple enough concept, a composite of two pictures, one with the pressure points on my face and another with a hand far from the face. The quality of the final product is not what I was hoping to achieve, my only excuses are that the pictures' quality was lesser than what I had expected after all these years and, that once I had achieved the main effect, I was in a hurry to finish it and most of the original concept was thrown out the door.

Originally, it was meant to have my face being stretched and ripped, much like this scene from Poltergeist:

An early concept also included my other hand grabbing the one you see, ripping it as well.  In the end, I solved it with a big "fuck it" and finished it.