The Unstoppable Andy Dick


Photoshop: Mortal Kombat

Finally do I manage to finish my latest idiotic attempt at being kewl. The theme this time around was one of my favorite game franchises of the 90's, Mortal Komabat. I loved this universe so much I even joined the Mortal Kombat Conquest community for a while, and contributed some tidbits, such as interviewing the guys that played Quan Chi, Adoni Maropis, and Scorpion, Chris Cassamassa, on the live action TV show, as well as the first Mortal Kombat movie. Yes, I was a fan, until the new games arrived. It all went to hell. I think I'll post the interviews later on.

So anyway... I had some practice before (many many years ago) doing a "Raiden" picture.

So if I'm humiliating myself by outdoing my old pieces of crap, I figured... why not do the classic stand-off Versus screen that you'd see before putting two masochists with superhuman abilities duke it out?


Forgot to add, this is officially the last picture I'll edit with my Samsung S730, I'll be giving it to my father. Now it's all about the Canon Rebel XTi baby!


Voluntary vs. Involuntary Education

Fuck school, you can educate yourself without needing to have some monotone almost-ritualistic system of "necessary" knowledge being shoved up your ass.

If you need to be told what to do and what to learn in life in order to achieve anything at all, you deserve to be spoon-fed everything, miserable little twat.