Pedido: Prueba de IQ antes de entrar al Internet

Contrario a la mayoría de mis criticas, esta no esta limitada a MySpace. El Internet esta lleno de morones. Quisiera ser optimista y decir que la gente comienza, obviamente, ignorante a las grandes probabilidades que nos ofrece el Internet. Claro que la complejidad del Internet solamente se puede medir por el interés y la diversidad de la persona como tal.

Para algunos, sirve solo para chatear y buscar amistades (esto se traduce a ligar fotos). Para otros es la nunca-cesante búsqueda de música y películas para descargar. Entre medio de esos dos grupos, están los que prácticamente lo usan para pornografía solamente. Hay mas usos, claro esta, pero estos son los que normalmente ves.

Una vez llegue a verme en esos grupos, por suerte no duré mucho ya que encontré otras cosas que hacer en el Internet (como escribir estas idioteces), pero hay personas que por más tiempo que pase se queden dando vueltas en el mismo lugar. Ni aprenden a leer una simple noticia de esas de, siempre recurren a alguien que "sabe de computadoras" porque ni se molestan por buscar como arreglar un error de sus propias computadoras.

No es que otros sepan de computadoras, no se requiere un experto en reparación para ver que el error esta entre medio del teclado y de la silla.


Two-Face Dreth / Xaira Fairy

Here are the two latest Photoshop jobs (I really need to come up with a name for these) as of now. The first one is Batman: The Animated Series' Harvey Dent/Two-Face, who I always liked because he was the most violent of criminals in my opinion in the series. He was also pretty normal if you were willing to overlook the fact half his body was scarred and blue due to an explosion.

The idea came to after seeing this picture of Obama as Two-Face. I saw how easy it'd [supposedly] be, so I went ahead and burnt half of me. Here's how it was coming along at first:

I took two pictures, one normal, another with the crooked mouth, with a black Bad Religion jacket on top of a long sleeve white shirt and a crappy tie I had laying around. After fiddling with the face for the initial draft for a few days (I get bored fast), I realized the Black/White color scheme of the tuxedo wouldn't work with me. After searching for pictures, mostly fanart, of Two-Face, I decide that it doesn't HAVE to be Black/White so I go with something noticeable yet not too light. Most of the strain weint into the mouth and hair, I'm not fully satisfied with the hair but if I keep working on it I'll make it worse.

Now the second piece was for my soon to be girlfriend, she only asked for wings and "some stuff" so I decided to once and for all learn how to use the freakin' Pen Tool. Ironically, instead of using her favorite colors, I used mine. But I think it helped in the overall fantasy effect. It's my biggest Photoshop job so far, in terms of resolution.


My CrEw Is FuLl O' sHiT (And so are you)

I’m tired of you dickheads that belong to “crews”. The concept is as sad, if not sadder, than the one of being in a real life gang. First of all, let us review the definition of the word "Crew". Merriam-Webster tells us:
  1. archaic: a band or force of armed men
  2. a: a group of people associated together in a common activity or by common traits or interests b: gang
  3. a company of people working on one job or under one foreman or operating a machine

So we can scratch the first definition out, because most of these intrepid, insipid, arrogant assholes that take pictures of themselves in the bathroom with the cameras facing the FUCKING MIRROR (what's wrong with you retards?) and change their MySpace nicknames on a daily basis with [Da LaMe AsSeS cReW] or something of similar aspect, are everything BUT armed men. Or just armed. Or men, for that matter.


Nadie las envidia, estúpidas

No se que esta pasando localmente que hay una epidemia de alucinaciones masivas. Todas la moronas en Puerto Rico (pero veo que en otros lugares también) están en una persecución constante de que alguien... en algún lugar... las... ¡ENVIDIAN!

Mujeres, jóvenes y niñas, sin distinción de edad o localización, se creen que hay gente envidiosa alrededor de ellas. Gente que aparentemente se quieren copiar de ellas, pero ellas, de alguna milagrosa manera, siempre sobresalen (¿en que? no se, ellas nunca dicen que les envidian) por encima de todas. He podido recaudar algunos datos que ellas clasifican "envidiables":

  • El mero hecho de tener hijos antes de cumplir 20 años.
  • Estar con un chico que es apuesto, popular y sobre todo, un puto sin pena.
  • Tener el MySpace mas colorido es algo excepcionalmente notable y envidiable.


How to talk to girls online

I'm not a "ladies man". I don't consider myself too much of a man for that matter, I prefer young adult, if such a thing exists. The reason I'm not a ladies man is because I don't care all that much of being a Jack of All Trades when it comes to hunting whatever has boobs when I go out. I've been known to talk about poop, or dirty pirate jokes to girls, some actually enjoy the open-mindedness, others are grossed out but still talk to me so it can't be all that bad.

But there are things you shouldn't do or tell girls. However, if I'm gonna continue with this, I must point out that I find that giving real-life advice on the internet is kind of contradictory, so I'm gonna talk especifically about online "girls". Reliable statistics point out that most, if not all, girls online are just guys trying to bypass as girls. Intelligent analysts also condone the internet's sole purpose being the never-ending search for pr0nz. Since these girls that you see online are never really anywhere near a computer, you might not develop the correct mindset in order to talk to them since you're around online males all the god damn time.

So here are some things you shoudn't tell a girl online, if you manage to find one:

  1. Hi - This may feign interest in anything unrelated from getting what you really want. A nude webcam show.
  2. How are you? - Extension from #1.
  3. I want to poop back and forth - They don't fall for that one anymore. I've tried.
  4. I still have all those webcam shows recorded - This will cause one of two things. a) The girls will become appalled at this shamelessly advertised perverted act and block you OR b) will simply deny further shows since you can just watch the old ones and bust a nut.
  5. You're so hot - Yet looks like this.


Pointless Rant #1

This is the first of those rants that don't seem to go anywhere, just throwing in as much shit as possible. I wrote the following before finding out I had over control over what homepage I wanted to see after signing out sometime last year.

If you're like me, you may have more than one e-mail account, for whatever given reason such as:

  • Shorter E-mail
  • Cooler-looking E-mail
  • Spamless E-mail
  • Cyber-Girlfriends E-mail
  • Expendable E-mail for trolling forums
  • Only for Stupid-looking Porn Sites E-mail
  • Only for Better-looking Porn Sites E-mail
  • Only for Porn Sites that LOOK like they'll give you those 200+ Passwords to paid websites E-mail
  • E-mail for storing all the usernames and passwords for the previous E-mail accounts




Anyway, I'm Dreth. This is a blog. It's supposedly mine.

Dreth's Blog.

Now that we have that out of the view, this will be my web archive for past rants I had on and the occassional snippet.

Oh, don't be too surprised if you see a spanish post from time to time.

Just for historical reasons, these are the past incarnations of my website, which despite my denial that it was not a blog, it was very much indeed a blog. A crappy blog, with unordered sections:

They were all pretty much free hosts, and the last one had a domain that was mainly a donation from a long time friend because I did not have PayPal. Articles, rants, reviews, they all pretty much sucked. They were mainly the epitome of an angry kid with bad grammar trying to make a point by cursing.