Photoshop - Voluntas

For the past two months I've been trying to bring to "life" a concept I've had in my mind ever since I found some old rubbery dismembered body parts that only qualify as "toys" if you watched Dexter (not the boy genius). As a kid.

Coming up with the concept of "Art equals self-sacrifice" in a graphical manner wasn't difficult, shooting it, however, was a whole other ballpark. My dated Canon Rebelt XTi is good for some closeups and places with decent lighting. Photography with flash is hideous for the most part (the most part is when talking about the camera's built-in flash), and it is especially dated when all you've to work with are the stock lens and a pretty below-than-average macro lens. All these factors, plus the lack of space, good shooting angles and doing this by myself prompted me to have a second shoot because the first one was that awful (see below at the end of the post).

Second time around I had help from my good friend Sofia, providing the severed arm on the right, I could've used my own, like I did in my first shooting, but it was sub-par and awkward as hell. This will be submitted to an international art magazine, let's see if it gets approved.

Some WIPs:

And here's the awful first version that I tried working on so desperately: