Google Maps goes 8-bit!

Google always changes some policy or violates some privacy agreement and causes a shitstorm, they then create something so cute and/or cool and almost everyone forgets and forgives. Or just forgets. Now Google Maps has added a new option called "Quest" and it turns your typical maps into 8-bit goodness, reminiscent to some NES games such as Zelda or Dragon Warrior. It might be an April Fool's only kinda thing or it may stick, either way it's pretty... um... blocky.

The option is right beside the other "view styles".

Proof that if Puerto Rico were a video game, it'd suck balls.

Perhaps the coolest tidbit is the "Street View" icon being replaced by what would pass off as a Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy character.
Street View always has a distorted view but it resembles more a broken monitor/screen than 8-bit. There are many funny and curious Easter Eggs scattered across the globe. Visit Reddit to view the full list so far.

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  1. Huh, this sucks, huh huh huh change it Beavis

    - Big Daddy Butthead