RIP Paul Walker

Good night, sweet prince.


Pet Detective (Halloween 2013)

Well folks, this year has been a bit rough. Some ups (getting a new full-time job) some downs (being broke for the year's first quarter), some ups and downs (getting kicked out by a nagging bitch forcing me to grow cojones and do things my way) but the time where it affected me the most was Halloween.

I couldn't invest a lot in this year's costume, so I had to find a smart, cheap way to make myself a recognizable character that I could have fun with. As the previous "hinting" posts laid out, I decided to go as Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura. The character was something I could do as a kid even with my eyes closed, in terms of quoting him, walking like him and even being out of place in certain public events was right up my alley. So I decided to invest $8 on a pre-owned Hawaiian shirt (or Aloha shirt, as it is supposed to be called), $2.50 on a faux-leather belt (I hate leather belts so I had none that could look the part), dirty black tall boots I already had (I used the same boots for the V for Vendetta and Ghostbusters costumes) and the two most difficult things were the hair and pants.

I looked up and down endlessly for pants that resembled anything close to these:

Chef pants came to mind, but the stripes weren't thick enough and the damn things were $30 or more. Even worse, the ones I found locally were always black and white, not black and red (or burgundy) so that's a double insult. Next, I tried 90's exercise baggy muscle pants, but again the colors were a problem.


When Adorable Animals Lose Their Shit (Cracked)

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Pet Service Campaign for Halloween Weekend

The title pretty much says it all.

More to come, hopefully.


Facebook thinks I'm Australian


The Little Chalkboard

Whenever I get drunk and I'm hanging out at Wimbo's Rock Bar, this little chalkboard next to the pool table starts speaking to me in tongues. The only way to make it shut up is to defile its face.

Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)

Freddy Krueger


The Cloak [Video]

This certainly caught my attention, it seemed to resemble the comedy style of Aqua Teen Hunger Force mixed with Sealab 2021. It dragged a bit too long, but this was a nice throwback to the days when Adult Swim was entertaining.


It starts...


My life in Halloween

After almost a year without posting, I figured I'd do an extended post of one of my favorite activities.

Besides laughing at the suffering of toddlers.

I mean Halloween. It's that one thing that surpasses any other date in my entire calendar and any other life event, like when I got my job, or when I bought my car, or when I found out Mr Rogers died, or when I lost my virginity, my birthday (or anyone else's), the only exception is any day that is a payday.