The problem with Haiti?

I know I am not alone in this.

But if there's a need of going about it a bit further, fine.

Help is being sent there, food and clothing donated by thousands. The news are pouring with the same damn thing, day in, day out. Ultimately everytime I open my browser is a picture of a black kid with a headline close to "CAN'T DO SHIT BECAUSE THEY'RE CRAZY".

I remember Katrina, I remember Sri Lanka, I remember a bunch of disasters in which people needed help and they got it. Now I see Haiti has fucked itself in the ass harder than Nazi troops trying to beat Russians. Apparently they can't behave like human beings, sure, panic is to be expected, hunger, thrist, desperation, but every single headline after "Shitland has turned into Diarrhea" has been "Shitland doesn't let the world wipe its Ass by frantically snarling and clickling their tongues".

Y'know, if you dumbass jerks don't want help, the world doesn't HAVE to give it to you. Most country leaders do it because it'll be a drag for their re-election campaigns if they don't. So to hell with you and your 4,000 escaped inmates, you were supposed to hose them all with acid, not keep them for shits and giggles anyway.