Tarboy: A Flash Animation Masterpiece

After being totally blown away by Tarboy's fluid animation and perfectly blended music (by hania) I can't help but spread the good stuff all over your faces.

Official Website: Tarboy.com


That time of the year to whine

So, we have reached that fateful day in which a bunch of pointless lives were given a bit of importance. Regardless it being terrorism or conspiracy, it sure got annoying. I don't have much to say besides a few "Hahahas" when September 11th arrives each year, but back when I had my "Dreth's Nebula" and Dreth.net thing going on, I celebrated it in my own way. So while I'm not a man of tradition but this year I'm willing to make the exception:

These are the old entries:




A perfect hybrid of creepy and adorable

This dog deserves to become a meme or something.


Photoshop: Kandi

So, nothing to write about on this long weekend, I decided to give in to the enchanting beauty -ahem- of this girl I swear I don't know and pay her homage.

This is the first time I really work with vector style graphics and grunge-ish setting. I guess it's not much of a Photo Manipulation as usual, more like an effects thing, but it was for a gullie so it's pretty ACE still.