Two-Face Dreth / Xaira Fairy

Here are the two latest Photoshop jobs (I really need to come up with a name for these) as of now. The first one is Batman: The Animated Series' Harvey Dent/Two-Face, who I always liked because he was the most violent of criminals in my opinion in the series. He was also pretty normal if you were willing to overlook the fact half his body was scarred and blue due to an explosion.

The idea came to after seeing this picture of Obama as Two-Face. I saw how easy it'd [supposedly] be, so I went ahead and burnt half of me. Here's how it was coming along at first:

I took two pictures, one normal, another with the crooked mouth, with a black Bad Religion jacket on top of a long sleeve white shirt and a crappy tie I had laying around. After fiddling with the face for the initial draft for a few days (I get bored fast), I realized the Black/White color scheme of the tuxedo wouldn't work with me. After searching for pictures, mostly fanart, of Two-Face, I decide that it doesn't HAVE to be Black/White so I go with something noticeable yet not too light. Most of the strain weint into the mouth and hair, I'm not fully satisfied with the hair but if I keep working on it I'll make it worse.

Now the second piece was for my soon to be girlfriend, she only asked for wings and "some stuff" so I decided to once and for all learn how to use the freakin' Pen Tool. Ironically, instead of using her favorite colors, I used mine. But I think it helped in the overall fantasy effect. It's my biggest Photoshop job so far, in terms of resolution.


My CrEw Is FuLl O' sHiT (And so are you)

I’m tired of you dickheads that belong to “crews”. The concept is as sad, if not sadder, than the one of being in a real life gang. First of all, let us review the definition of the word "Crew". Merriam-Webster tells us:
  1. archaic: a band or force of armed men
  2. a: a group of people associated together in a common activity or by common traits or interests b: gang
  3. a company of people working on one job or under one foreman or operating a machine

So we can scratch the first definition out, because most of these intrepid, insipid, arrogant assholes that take pictures of themselves in the bathroom with the cameras facing the FUCKING MIRROR (what's wrong with you retards?) and change their MySpace nicknames on a daily basis with [Da LaMe AsSeS cReW] or something of similar aspect, are everything BUT armed men. Or just armed. Or men, for that matter.