The community that cried THE END IS NEAR (Apocalypticism)

I have not used my blog for speaking my mind for a while so I'd like to take a small break from all the collecting and customizing and just... talk.

I've been faced with something as of late that's been trapping me in conversations that default either on the importance of existence and/or religion. Those that have known me for more than a few years know that I was one of those "hardcore atheists" that would stop at nothing to debate-- scratch that, I would stop at nothing to insult a believer just to have a few giggles and add a bit more juice to the "I am better than you" tank. Over time I have tried to stay away from that behavior and avoid identifying myself as an atheist for the mere reason that I now know I don't know enough in order to make a final conclusion of something that we, as a species, may not even be able to comprehend in the first place.

That's right, I have decided to not make a decision based on the idea that we may not be even suited to comprehend all the pieces of the puzzle IF there is even a puzzle. Too many unknown unknowns.

The corruptible message.

Maybe there is merit to religion in order to explain our existence and perhaps even our purpose. Through stories, as flawed as they may be, we tend to find a common denominator towards enlightenment or salvation. Most of the teachings boil down to "be good" or at least "don't be a dick". It is only when we try to go more into detail and apply the message(s) that we find ourselves delving into arguments about who is right or wrong or less wrong.

The unreachable.

Maybe there is something out there and it has jack-shit to do with souls or spirits, good or bad, and maybe that something is well beyond our grasp. Maybe what we know as spirituality is the dumbed down version made for our feeble human minds because our limitations hinder our perspectives and no matter how wild our imaginations may run, we're still working inside parameters that we are familiar with.

The incalculable.

Maybe there isn't anything out there after all. We are just happy coincidences out of billions of alternatives out there. Out of so many planetary systems with all types of conditions and cycles, we happen to be in a happy medium that could also double as an accident. We can try and guess as much as we can but until we find another sentient species out there, we may not ever know if we are meant to be here or just happened to be here and decided to get all existential about it.

For clarification, I am not thinking this neutral stance I've taken is meant to be overly intellectual, I recognize it's shrouded in ambiguity and IT IS a lazy neutral position. Things is, I don't know and I can't confirm 100% one or the other(s) so I'd rather remain in limbo, but I am getting sick and tired of something I've been seeing in so many places that it is worth opening up a debate about.

The use of fear. Fear of the unknown and incalculable, to be more precise.

I apologize in advance if I tend to only criticize the Christian side of religion as it is only one religion of many, but it is the one I grew up with so it is natural that this is the one I've had more time to think about, in particular some things I find rather shady. If these same things can be applied to other religions then so be it.

Religion usually has two sides, you do good and you are rewarded or you don't do good and you will either be eternally damned or, in the case of other more lenient teachings, you are doomed to continue spending time here until you have learned a lesson. However, the main instigator in order to pressure people to make the correct decision is time. Time is finite. Your time on this planet is finite. And apparently the time of humanity on Earth is also finite, as we're not meant to endure being naturally phased out of existence but rather vanished in one last defining event already foretold.

This tool, time or rather the expiration of time, is very malleable. I don't know if you know but humans are the only ones to measure time as we currently do. Other species work off cues in order to identify cycles, be it for migration or mating, but it is humans that measure when something begins and ends and anything in between. With this in mind, saying something that has already started is easily identifiable but to denote exactly when it will end takes a great amount of calculation and of many variables.

So when a religion says "Your existence will end soon" you cannot help but wonder how soon is "soon" and therein lies a magnificent and malign tool to control rationale.

It wasn't until I decided to start writing that I did a bit of digging and to my surprise it has a name. Apocalypticism. And with Apocalypticism there comes an entire list of documented, failed predictions, here's a few examples:

Source: See the entire list at (Wikipedia /

With the advent of COVID-19, now there are entire communities  of these fanatics being merged with conspiracy theorists. This includes that Bill Gates is gonna plant in us a microchip with the vaccine for the Corona virus, this being the modern version of being "marked by the devil" (which is what having a Social Security Number was some time ago). Another claim is that a new standard for wireless communications, 5G, is somehow emitting radioactive waves that cause cancer and COVID-19, thus marking the end of humanity once we're all engulfed in such waves and forced to get the vaccine.

Disclaimer: conspiracy theorists aren't always wildcards like Alex Jones, some documents and events have been proven true over time but to believe every single claim is the stuff of madness.

These are just very recent examples but the more and more mature folk adopt social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, these conglomerations are easier to find and they are pretty crowded. Everyone is usually blessing each other in hopes of getting immunity or sharing their idea of salvation. This is the agenda I have many issues with because it preys on an impressionable audience and it often intertwines a lot with "fake news".

The constant fear of an impending doom that does not have a specific date and that is only vaguely referenced with events that are attributed to prophetic descriptions is a powerful and dangerous tool in my opinion. Whenever there are earthquakes, when a Hitler Youth turned deserter then turned Pope Benedict XVI, when known tragedies like the World Trade Center 2001 attacks, all these things trigger a fear response that sent and continues to send all kinds of wild theories trying to tie modern-day events with the "signs" of the end times.

I don't know how but if there's a Bible re-write (Third Testament?) any important events should have concise information accompanying them. I am assuming anybody that can so boldly state the world is ending, they should be able to say when that will be instead of leaving it open-ended. To their credit, whoever they are, it's played in their favor. As you can see this has gone on for thousands of years and nobody is the wiser for it.

The similarities between this type of fear and the fear used by government bodies (threat of going to war for example) and private corporations (Big Pharma comes to mind) is staggering. Instead of offering consequences for when your current life ends, this fear talks about your immediate future so you will certainly be fearful to see it play before your eyes or worse, to live it in the flesh. This is just as bad if not worse because it is easily manipulated in favor of what you'd think are cartoon villains.

In closing, try to be rational with what you fear and if you use fear to further an agenda, CUT THAT SHIT OUT.