Site re-launch! (?)

I've been consistently working on getting all the kinks out with this new layout and although I know there will always be something to fix or modify, I can rest easy thinking "I gotta go fix that fucking code or that 1 visitor will not see it the way it was meant to be!".

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Well, I've also gotten rid of a bunch of old very offensive posts.

Now, now, that's not to say I lack a humor or that I am some sort of advocate for political correctness. I had to come to terms with a long of things that just did not feel right like the "Happy 9/11" posts. I started that shit when I was fresh out of high school I think, and back then it was more about being angry and offensive as possible and the backlash was, apparently, the joke.

That and the horrible grammar.

Safe for a few piece of original artwork, I've removed  a lot of that shit from the site and it was not entertaining, clever, or even well put together. Throwing cuss words at things is not the equivalent of funny or even ranting properly. I may re-post some of the best done pieces mainly due to genuinely liking it outside of the "Happy 9/11" part.

I am aiming to become more active and part of that has a lot to do with the ease of content sharing on social media, which segways into the social media sidebar you will see along posts. The 3 most popular platforms are the ones I tend to use the most (well, I mean Twitter is shit but it's there).

So thank you for taking the time to read this and if you understand Spanish, you'll see a bit of a parody of your typical "influencer", enjoy.