'Optical relays' Ivan and Vladimir Nikitchenko (Russian Terminator?)

With the upkeep I've done as of late with the blog, I could not avoid the incredibly monotonous task of going to all previous posts and fixing broken links and/or thumbnails. I've managed to re-discover some old gems along the way and I am exceptionally happy to have found this video about an animation genius brothers from Ukraine whose names I hope Google Translate is not butchering, Ivan and Vladimir Nikitchenko.

The original post had nothing of substance I could use to fix the broken link as the original video was unavailable. It was kind of an uphill battle to find the original title as it was written in Ukranian, «Оптические перекладки», СССР, 1946 г., Вячеслав Левандовский or "Optical relays", USSR, 1946, Vyacheslav Lewandowski, according to Google Translate. Truly remarkable what was accomplished within the first half of the previous century.

"Optical relays" Ivan and Vladimir Nikitchenko (Russian Terminator?) / "Яблочко". Советские спецэффекты 1946 года!

The translated video descriptions I could find are below:

This is something incredible! See what special effects existed already in 1946! The method of optical rearrangements was developed by the Nikitchenko brothers, and the results of their research work are presented in such a charming clip.

"Little Apple". Soviet special effects in 1946!

SoyuzDetFilm, 1946

Artists: Ivan and Vladimir Nikitchenko
Operator: Mikhail Kirillov
At the piano, David Ashkenazi Sailor - Vladimir GERNOV