Cheap (A) Oi! The Documentary - My first video editing project!

Cheap (A) Oi! The Documentary

I'm not a master on Photoshop but I know how to use it, something I really wanted to do a few years ago was video editing but I lacked the courage to whip up a "real" program and thus work on a real practice project.

I also lacked any footage. These were times in which smartphones were a real luxury and quality mobile recording wasn't cheap. Ironically, today's devices surpass almost any other type of camcorder from yesteryears just because of the accessibility. Back then, more than 10 years ago, having a camcorder was as big as having a car. The transition from tape to digital wasn't always the most favorable, and it shows in this video. Whereas poor quality is normally a turn-off for me in pictures, in this case I could forgive it due to its high emotional value as well nostalgia factor.

These were recorded on some old camcorder, then converted to DVD via Walgreens, then ripped, converted, edited and re-uploaded, 10 years after it was originally recorded.

It's in Spanish though, but I doubt that will matter much because the low production values are evident as well the lack of talent from yours truly, both in the video editing area as well as band singer. I still dream to reunite with them one day. :)