If you want something taken down, set it free

This is not really related to anything at all, nor am I making a call to arms in order to exploit this (because it IS exploitable). Tonight, I was fapping, and I open up a bunch of tabs and go about looking for different things on each until I find one that "clicks" in. (I was gonna say "dicks in" but not only is it a bad joke, it's a bad GAY joke)

Anyway, I almost always tend to look at the videos' comments because sometimes it takes a while to find something fap-worthy.

So I read this comment on xhamster's "Emo girl cubs on cam" (no, it's not MY typo) and it's about some self-shot fat emo masturbating):


you fucking asshole, you better remove this because it was uploaded illegally and without consent! I will press charges on you and I will win if you do not remove this video at once!

 comments: 0 June 5, 2012, 6:36 am

It seemed kinda funny but, also out of place,. It's rare to see something like this commented on a porn video because most comments are from dumbasses that think they are talking to the girl they are watching in the video (don't ask).

So I checked out tinyxtam's profile and there's only one comment and no other signs of activity, apart from the fact she had logged on 5 hours ago. Maybe she was a regular member before the comment, maybe she sign up solely for the comment and visited the site regularly to check if it had been taken down, I've no idea. So I'm thinking "well, if it's real there is no way that you can guess who she is, the video isn't of great quality and there's no description that can give away her identity", and still I Google'd tinyxtam and I found her Twitter, Twitpic and YouTube accounts.

It's dumbfounding to think you'd avoid attention while giving away how to find you. This is called the Streisand Effect, named after Barbara Streisand and her ground-breaking idea of throwing a bitch fit because a photographer accidently took a picture of some landscape and her mansion showed up in it. She didn't want anyone to photograph her mansion so she went nuts and demanded he got rid of the photo and made a big fuss over it, which brought even more attention to the mansion for the sake of pissing her off (nobody cared about her or the house to being with).

Again, I'm not planning on sending her anything, unless I'm bored AND drunk this weekend. But let this be a lesson to you, take the silent route if you want something taken down, don't announce it to the world. Much less the Internet.