Politicos Inamibles: Rafy Surillo

Like Mariíta, Rafy Surillo is also from Yabucoa and is running for town mayor for the PPD (the red guys).  I've no idea if he is good or not, if I'm going to vote, I'll mostly likely write down my own name. The thing here is with his last name, Surillo. Now, there are two words used in Puerto Rico that look/sound close to Surillo, one is sorullo (corn fritter) and cerilla (earwax).

It's not a big debate over which one would be more interesting to implement on this guy's promo pictures. Plus, his entire big eyebrow/moustache/nose complexion (which were modified a teensy-weensy bit) reminds me for some reason of Street Fighter's Blanka and a garden gnome's love-child.