Politicos Inamibles: Mariita Santiago

You definitely had to be living in Puerto Rico during the 80's and early 90's to get this one. It parodies Mirta de Perales, an old hag that would advertise some sort of magical shampoo that somehow gave you instant beautiful hair as long you washed your scalp like she did in the commercials.

She basically buried her fingers and moved the scalp back and forth (not actually through the hair). It made perfect sense! Of course they would use a very, very old commercial of hers, since she was so damn old and nasty looking by the time I saw them on-air. She died recently, to my surprise, the old hag probably drank her awful shampoo to make it all the more poetic.

Mariita herself is a Senator from my hometown of Yabucoa, to the best of my knowledge she doesn't have any outstanding degrees that would make her ideal for her position (but it doesn't matter because you land those by kissing ass). But, like all the rest of the politicians, I don't follow their agendas so I don't know if they're as inept as they seem at first glance.