Politicos Inamibles: Narden Jaime

This was the second politician I chose (after Rey Vergas) whose image would be satirized to loosely reflect some ineptitude of one or more politicians today. Well, I had to re-do it because it felt rushed and it had no comical value (or mockery for that matter).

But what caught my eye the second time around was that he had two totally different promotional faces. Not talking about angles or facial expressions, but the faces themselves were quite different, and he looked down to Earth in one and in the other one like a motionless doll with perfect teeth and ungodly eyes that were like two photoshop'd nebulae inside crystal balls.

Why bother uploading the second picture if people won't even recognize you out in the street?

So instead of calling out on his XTR333333M airbrushing, I embraced it.

The caption on the upper right reads "Not everyone needs both hands to control marionettes". Think what you may, but I'm sure the puppeteer is moving Narden's hand with his dick. He certainly smiles like it.

And this next one is actually the first version (based on the least photoshop'd picture), as you can see, it's not too expressive.

It's a mix between suave and constipation.