Politicos Inamibles: Jorge Santini

This is the current Mayor of Puerto Rico's capital city, San Juan. He used to be two chins shorter when he entered the public eye via politics. This is one of the first photshops I made when I started this thing, his reputation as a coke-head is so commonplace within the general census that it was a no-brainer.

He likes to be in the limelight, and the way he pulls it off is dazzling to say the least. On Christmas of 2011 he made a Christmas Card featuring his family, good wishes and a recreation of a leopard gnawing on an antelope's neck.

From left to right: future Rebecca Black/likely Child Beauty Pageant victim, hottie, Mr. Slip-N-Slide Hairdo himself, older hottie, and the retarded looking one, he's lucky he was permitted to show up at all.

People with Internet normally laugh at this sort of thing and just pass it off as oddball humor but when the welfare-laden public of Puerto Rico saw this, they flipped a nut and a half and immediately gushed blood from their rectums. He also befriended a former basketball figure called Piculín Ortiz, who basically sported the same hairdo as Santini and marketed a hair gel with glitter that he had to buy himself because no one gave a fuck about looking like a half-assed polished bowling ball.

See? He (Santini) had less chins a couple of years ago! Did I mention Piculín (big guy on the left, duh) was recently arrested over drug charges?