Baby Boomers

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Stop Feeling Sorry For Them - They're Selfish (Score:-1)
Anonymous Coward
on Wednesday April 25, @06:42PM (#39801153)

The USA without the Baby Boomers would be like a dog without bricks tied to its head.

When the last Baby Boomer croaks the USA will enter into a new era of prosperity.

They're so goddamned self-centered they routinely drive 10-20 below the speed limit, hold up everyone trying to get to work partly to pay for their precious Social Security, and can't understand why that's a problem. And being frivolous and self-important, they're too "good" to pull over and let the long line of cars stuck behind them to pass even though those people are getting to work, have a clock to beat, and the old fart doesn't.

If you work a service job because in this economy you are thankful to have any regular work at all, you know that to the Baby Boomers, every service person is their own personal butler. You'll have noticed that when they ask you where something is, they are usually standing in front of it. They certainly can read because they can absolutely read your nametag, even though it's a much smaller font than the big sign for the item they wanted to find. Being self-centered it would not occur to them to make even a token effort to look around (i.e. swivel their neck about 15 degrees, such horrible effort I know) before requesting that you drop everything you are doing and assist them. You know, like any decent person who doesn't think they're better than you would do.

They don't talk to you, they talk *at* you. I've had them whistle at me like I am a dog and note I have never seen anyone other than a Baby Boomer who was so eager to be degrading like this. They will try to monopolize service personel and try to talk for 20 minutes to complete strangers about their grandkids, not because they think you care or are involved in any way, but because they love to abuse a captive audience that fears for their job too much to tell them to fuck off. They will do that instead of wondering if there might be good reasons why their kids and grandkids don't visit them, because that line of inquiry might lead to admitting fault, and they're too much better than you to do that. They love to complain about everything even when they know the employee they complain to has no control over high-level company decisions like which products are offered for sale.

With few exceptions they've regressed and have become little more than overgrown two-year-olds. They are bankrupting the country. They vote in huge blocs for all the wrong people, greatly contributing to the political mess we have today. They run homeowner's associations so they can take neighbors to court over such important matters as the color of paint. They are one of the biggest reasons why marijuana remains illegal and otherwise love to use law like a cudgel to beat you over the head with their own brand of morality, that you follow or be punished. They tend to be real big law-and-order types even in situations where there can be no victim because it is all consenting adults.

When the last Baby Boomer dies I intend to throw a huge block party. The theme will be IT'S FINALLY OVER! Get over your idealized image of sweet old inoffensive Grandma because they hide behind that to manipulate your emotions so you feel afraid to admit how pathetic and selfish they are. That same "sweet" old Grandma will turn into MegaBitch the instant you cannot do exactly what she demands. Dunno about you people but I don't believe in false images.

The above applies to all but a few of them. A few of them actually have character traits like patience and wisdom and intellectual independence to show for the great deal of time they have lived on this planet. Those are precious and I treat them with great respect and do whatever I can for them. The other 95% just plain suck and are a total drain on society, both financially and at the interpersonal level.

The USA without the Baby Boomers is like a dog without a stack of bricks tied to its head.