Worried about Blogger's new dashboard

I've been on and off making websites and/or layouts ever since I first wandered into Yahoo! Geocities, so coding (or rather editing code) is not exactly the easiest of tasks for me but I always manage to work something out. Well, I've liked all my layouts, I've used them all, eventually I ditch them all but with each new layout, the trend is they become easier on the eyes.

Now I'm proud of this one because it's just an image and some columns and it gets the point across, no problem with that. However, I rely heavily on editing existent HTML and/or CSS, something Blogger lets you mess with freely, or rather, they used to let you mess with it.

With "dynamic templates", things get simplified but other things get locked down. You can still edit some aspects but apparently venturing inside the code and manipulating it to your will may no longer be an option. The old Blogger layout would let you edit the HTML directly, this new layout when I browsed it, the only thing I cared for was that one button. I never found it, some sites claim to have found it but the truth is that it's most likely to be true implementation of "Edit HTML" in the interface is bound to go like this:

  • Download your template
  • Open it in an editor
  • Edit it
  • Upload it
  • Test it
While before it used to be like this:

  • Edit it in blogger's own window
  • Click "Preview
  • If satisfied, click "Save Template"

It's not such a big deal, until you're just changing a single number or hyphen, there's no way to test it quickly... Anyway, Blogger is making these changes mandatory in April so I will either leave my theme as it is, until I grow tired of it, or get used to a long and boring process of download/upload.


Yeah the new interface has "Edit HTML".