Lazy Truth

With the ever so-realistic perspective that no one will read this, I have to admit the only time I left a blog or personal website this abandoned was back in 2006 with Black Epiphany. Luckily it's still up, it is basically the last website I made. The rest of the snippets have been blog-related, and I think it's for the best. It is so much easier to "accept" an abandoned blog or journal than a website. Back then, in the Yahoo! GeoCities and AOL's Hometown days, you were given tools to make a homepage and all of its sub-pages, separately.

Some gadgets would let you implement HTML or Javascripts to your page's source code directly, just like a real grown person's website.

It wasn't pretty, or consistent, and you would get a sub-domain URL longer than Steven Seagal's action filmography, but it got the job done. With the advent of chat rooms, came the profiles, and with the profiles, came the knack for cam whoring and posting just about anything you could inside a profile, with that, blogs became a more acceptable way to distribute all these pointless yet compelling activity of wasting Internet resources, and with the blogs, came social media. Social media nowadays consists of a bit of eveerything, you have a profile, with a comment section that doubles as a chat room/forum, and since most people with personal websites back then all just wanted to post pictures and/or videos and/or audio files, social websites cover pretty much all that.

So this is what I'm trying to get at, a blog is a lot of times like a social website's profile that takes a bit more time and dedication because you're not shoving it at people's faces, as you would in Facebook's Feed (everything is automatically published) yet you try to attract people to it, a trait that doesn't always pay off and makes one less discouraged if you're low on visitors and that push you crave.

Sadly, I've become accustomed to Facebook a bit too much to let it go because it takes a lot less effort to get [something] noticed on there. Be it a small rant, a funny video or picture, original content, anything is readily visible to everyone and I could be posting the same material on my blog and no one would know.

I would have to post it, and link it to my Facebook, and I would most likely get the feedback, if any, directly on my Facebook instead of this blog. It's stupid, it's sad, it's true. I'm probably talking to myself, but I just won't make any promises about keeping up this blog. The worst that can happen is that I lose the top-level-domain, which I really don't want to let the domain sharks get a hold of.

My hope is to post here more often, but with two jobs and what society considers a "wife", I find it less and less appealing to have to go to a site and write for nobody. And if I want others to see it, I feel I have to plaster it all over other sites, not only would it look pathetic and spam-ish, but it's annoying as fuck. I will try to find a solution to this, as some sort of widget for implementing both sites at once so this back-n-forth is not an issue anymore.


  1. Hey. Who you calling no one. I am one. The changes and new colours are sweet. The other day I was contemplating if I know anyone who does PS well and couldn't think of anyone. So there's this project I'll have to do for school, it's about designing our own restaurant, with its own logo and everything. I'm fairly good at drawing and designing by hand, I planned on doing all the basics, scanning them and taking it from there. Do you think you could help me with that? I'd pay you. It'll take a while until I need your help but it'd be good to know if you'd be willing to be my graphics whore.

    Anyway, sorry about going off topic, I was just taken aback by your new site. (WHICH I'VE BEEN CHECKING REGULARLY LIKE A LOSER)
    To be honest, yeah FB makes it easier to get your stuff seen but having your own site is still different. I wouldn't put just any shit on mine, with sites like FB it doesn't really matter. Even if I'm the only person who should ever look at my blog, I know there's a place on the Internet that's exactly how I want it with all the things I like. (mememememeegoegoegoego)
    And I know if I'd post more regularly, five years from now I'm so going to enjoy to look at it. Do you honestly think you're going to scroll through hundreds of posts on FB or anyone else for that matter?
    But it seems you've already found a solution, though I'm not sure I understand it correctly. Doesn't 9gag have something like that? You post comments with your FB account and they appear on their site? That would be pretty clever.

    1. Sorry for doubting your loyalty (thanks!).

      @GRFX whore - I guess I could help out, I'm a bit rusty, this new background/logo isn't all that new, but I fiddled with it long enough to give my neck some pain, so I suppose I still know how to use the damn thing.

      You're right about the difference between FB and your corner on the internet that's really your own. As far as implementation goes, I'd advise against the 9gag comment scheme because it requires people to have a Facebook account, and it might expose the privacy-laden people to hundreds, nay thousands, of uninvited visitors (I know because at times it's more interesting to look at people's thumbnails, next thing you know, you know their hobbies and latest hijinks).

      And the other reason is that I want blogger's posts to show up on FB, that's about as much integration I want. There was a very quick but unelegant method with FB Notes, in which you could import a blog's feed and it would automatically publish whatever you posted on here, but they discontinued it.

    2. Sweet, I'll let you know when everything is ready. Don't be so modest.

      Oh I see, well that should be easy to do right? Although from what I've seen, most people who are big on YouTube or some other site, just post segments/updates on FB and a link to the actual thing. (like you did on MCS) But most people are probably too lazy for that. Fuckers.