Fuck Yeah Nouns and Dreth

This is a true story. It happened exactly this way, in this order, at work. The only part was that I didn't scream the last panel, but I sure as hell made the face. Remember to click it for a bigger image.


The past does come back to haunt you. Or me, at least. The original picture was taken in 2004 and I can't remember who edited it, but it was either a joke (since I did the same to others) or a hateful attempt at getting back at me. I seriously cannot remember, the site fuckyeahnouns.com claims to use the Yahoo! Search Engine, yet when I search for 'Dreth' on their image search, the picture above doesn't show up (not even the original one).

At first I thought it was an old hate profile some little girl from SpinChat.com made for me a few years ago.  So, seriously, anyone with a good sense of Internet logic that can crack this little gay mystery, please step up.


  1. I know the creators of FYK. FYK.com uses Yahoo's BOSS search API. Image search on Yahoo.com is now actually powered by Bing. Apparently, BOSS isn't using Bing (yet) and Yahoo is still transitioning over some of their services to Bing. This is why you get some results that "didn't find shit" that you would have thought should have been found.

    Also, there's no trickery involved. The code simply selects the first search result returned. Sometimes, it just happens to be funny. Like this one.

  2. Thanks for clarifying!

    I still can't find the image on either Image Search, so it's still kind of creepy. Tell those guys they have made a kick-ass site whenever you get the chance.

  3. I'm still lololing