The Whining Wars

This was done back in 2005 or 2006, back when I really felt I needed to filter every bad thought I had through endless, poorly worded, paragraphs. Yeah, the Dreth.Net-era. No, my hair wasn't really at nose-length. Yes, I know I look really gay (that was the point), it even freaks me out.


Fuck Yeah Nouns and Dreth

This is a true story. It happened exactly this way, in this order, at work. The only part was that I didn't scream the last panel, but I sure as hell made the face. Remember to click it for a bigger image.

The past does come back to haunt you. Or me, at least. The original picture was taken in 2004 and I can't remember who edited it, but it was either a joke (since I did the same to others) or a hateful attempt at getting back at me. I seriously cannot remember, the site claims to use the Yahoo! Search Engine, yet when I search for 'Dreth' on their image search, the picture above doesn't show up (not even the original one).

At first I thought it was an old hate profile some little girl from made for me a few years ago.  So, seriously, anyone with a good sense of Internet logic that can crack this little gay mystery, please step up.


Angry Biker - Fuck Earth

I was supplied with a template.

Now I supply you with my shit.


Big Ol' Non-Watery Blue

This little guy woke me up early for an entire month. I took this the last day they moved the machinery away for a new phase at the construction site. It's sort of a bitter-sweet memory of that hateful bastard.