Glascow 1883

So I admit I've been getting caught up on photography and sort of abandoned photo-manipulations like a bastard child.

So while I fix that, I'll share this itty bitty.

This picture, pictures actually, was taken in my hometown, Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. The murals you see are what's left of some sort of facility that existed more than a hundred years ago, and some of the equipment (currently not shown but might post later on), which consisted of gigantic gears and some sort of pipe system, is dated 1889, with the name Glascow next to it.

I'm still trying to find more info on the site.


Fixed the post's title, it's actually 1889 1883.


Kick-Ass redention of The Solar System

You can at last thank Wikipedia for providing you of something cool besides the power of editing your hometown's history and adding yourself as Chief Turd Inspector.

DeviantArt artist Licoti (licoti.deviantart) has privided the Internetz with one of the most beautifully-rendered pieces of digital "space" art.

Don't have the time or patience to download a 19MB picture? Well, there's also a video.


Cocal Beach, Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

So, I'm back to one of my proud moments in photography, I went to one of the local beaches in Yabucoa and decided to a really FUCKEN WIDE PIC of it. Actually it's more like 17 pictures. And I'm tired of milestones now, this one was 800MB and I was fucking pissed.

So it's not gonna be an accomplishment to surpass that as much as it'll be a nightmare.

That's the reduced Blogger version.

Here is the really big (16949 x 2589) full-size version: