Photoshop: Zully

Ironically my first photo-manip with my new camera is not of me, but of a girl that hates having her pictures taken. She made a nice effort to tolerate having a camera in front of her, so I'm thankful.


A milestone in my computer

Last Friday I was attending a graduation ceremony (how I hate those) at the Convention Center, San Juan Puerto Rico. Instead of photographing people I went for something far more interesting, plants. But as I walked further from the Convention Center, I saw this giant man-made structure and I just had to stop and take a bunch of consecutive pictures and hope for the best.

Today I built up the courage to finally "stitch" all these pictures together and well...

This whopping beast has beaten my "Biggest PSD Filesize" record, held previously by the Mortal Kombat (Raiden vs. Scorpion) Photomontage (at 143MB), and before that, Dreth - Energy (76 MB).

This one is 160 MB, but you won't be able to tell why, since the uploader tool greatly resizes the entire image.


Full-Version, so you can see all the fuckups.

Had to split it up, FB wouldn't let me upload the full version.

Full version:


A typical conversation of my past

This was apparently back in 2007, I have no idea why I kept a random text file with this and I've no idea who she is.

Luckycharm: hugs dreth
Dreth: I have a small penis
Dreth: Send me a present
Dreth: Penis Pump
Luckycharm: LOL
Dreth: I'm serious.
Dreth: Send it.
Luckycharm: dreth i am too
Dreth: About what
Luckycharm: im talking to married men all the time here
Dreth: Oh
Dreth: I don't care about them, they're married, they can fuck girls. But I NEED A PENIS PUMP!
Luckycharm: do u think thats dangerous?
Dreth: What's dangerous? You breaking up marriages? Nah
Luckycharm: just play with it all the time darling
Luckycharm: it will grow
Dreth: No it won't.
Luckycharm: -gives dreth a little massage-
Dreth: I'm 20 years old already, I've pulled and pulled, I've seen blood flow, I'd had tears drip from my cheek onto my balls, it is NOT getting bigger.
Luckycharm: ssshhhh
Dreth: And I'm not married.
Luckycharm: yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luckycharm: oh cmon
Luckycharm: guess what dreth
Dreth: Penis pump?
Luckycharm: i had a 20yr old interested in me last night
Luckycharm: HONEST
Luckycharm: his name was luke
Luckycharm: and he wanted me
Dreth: Skywalker?
Luckycharm: he said i looked about 24
Dreth: Well you're Leia to him.
Dreth: Donut hair is hawt.
Luckycharm: OH
Luckycharm: i turned him down
Luckycharm: tooooyoung
Dreth: Penis pump god damn it!
Luckycharm: he had pretty blue eyes
Luckycharm: i wonder i f i would turn u down in real life
Dreth: I'm the son you wanted to have. Or whatever.
Dreth: Well I'd ask you for the pump in real life.
Luckycharm: i never ever said that
Dreth: You thought about it!
Luckycharm: because i looked at you as fuckable material in like a decade
Luckycharm: LOL
Luckycharm: JK
Dreth: You'll be like 70 in 10 years.
Luckycharm: no
Luckycharm: 42
Dreth: 72 then
Dreth: Sheesh
Luckycharm: good
Luckycharm: i got to go
Dreth: No, penis pump.
Dreth: PENIS PUMP, damn woman. You can send it! Stop being a cheap whore!

And this one is from 2006, I still wonder why I saved them in the first place, maybe this was the pinnacle of my "OOOOH HAR HAR I'M A FUNNY ASSHOLE WITH BAD GRAMMAR" stage.


Blue Orchids

Or clitorial flowers as I've come to call them.


Beavis & Butt-Head

These are the NECA Head Knockers of Beavis & Butt-Head, they're pretty detailed and they are around 8-6 inches. So I can use them as my wang's replacement.


Suddenly exercising is a lot like...

Sure, I can see all the upsides this workout might have.


Mau Creek

This is the first picture I'll post from my Canon Rebel XTi, it's a series of shots from a small creek in the neighboring town of Maunabo. Minor Photoshop involvement.