Voluntary vs. Involuntary Education

Fuck school, you can educate yourself without needing to have some monotone almost-ritualistic system of "necessary" knowledge being shoved up your ass.

If you need to be told what to do and what to learn in life in order to achieve anything at all, you deserve to be spoon-fed everything, miserable little twat.


  1. http://www.internet-d.com/?p=8450

  2. I hadn't read/seen that (and the video is now private, so I can't)

    But I find the whole "no ond is forcing us to learn anything" part annoying.

    You don't NEED to be forced to learn in order to do so, I don't give a shit about a lot of things but I read about them and at the end, I'm thankful I know a bit about it so that I'm not completely clueless, but I don't need to be forced into it.

    So, sorry Nyoki if I can't grasp the meaning of your link, get another link of the video perhaps?

  3. Just search for unschooling on Youtube, it's a good argument against your post. There are already groups of people who live by this philosophy and the majority that has gone public with their story are rather scary people.

    I actually agree with you, though it's not as easy as just condemning the current system that is in place. The challenge is to figure out a replacement that is not as simple as, well let everyone do whatever they want and we'll be fine.

    About the current system however, here's what a hyper smart professor told me and since he's a professor it is that much more meaningful. He said you need to know only two things about college, 1. it may take you a college degree to realise you don't need one and 2. college degrees exist only for dumb people to figure out if they should employ someone, because they're incapable of doing that by using only their own judgement and basing it on logical criteria.

  4. http://www.internet-d.com/?p=8450

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