Photoshop: Mortal Kombat

Finally do I manage to finish my latest idiotic attempt at being kewl. The theme this time around was one of my favorite game franchises of the 90's, Mortal Komabat. I loved this universe so much I even joined the Mortal Kombat Conquest community for a while, and contributed some tidbits, such as interviewing the guys that played Quan Chi, Adoni Maropis, and Scorpion, Chris Cassamassa, on the live action TV show, as well as the first Mortal Kombat movie. Yes, I was a fan, until the new games arrived. It all went to hell. I think I'll post the interviews later on.

So anyway... I had some practice before (many many years ago) doing a "Raiden" picture.

So if I'm humiliating myself by outdoing my old pieces of crap, I figured... why not do the classic stand-off Versus screen that you'd see before putting two masochists with superhuman abilities duke it out?


Forgot to add, this is officially the last picture I'll edit with my Samsung S730, I'll be giving it to my father. Now it's all about the Canon Rebel XTi baby!


  1. I never played the game but I loved the film. The second one looks more professional but I like the first manipulation better in terms of content.

    Also that's great about the camera, the main reason why I don't bother with Photoshop as much even though the information to learn is easily available is because my camera isn't good enough. I almost spent all my money to get a proper SLR one but instead got a digital Canon that mimics SLR cameras so I can get some practice and also film stuff. The Canon Rebel XTi is actually the number one SLR camera I would have bought, based on reading a bazillion reviews and talking to a number of people, so how is it? Will you post photos you've taken with it or only manipulated photos.

  2. If the photos are good enough, I'll post them here without having to manipulate them. Although I've posted a couple of Facebook already.

  3. Your skills are clearly improving, but I agree w/ dieA, your first is more interesting.

    My MIL bought me a nice little Sony digi camera. It's been a lot of fun and it's easy to use (important since I've never owned a camera).

    I finally decided to pay out the money for a flickr account. I's got some great tools for organizing photos. I have zero photoshop skills, but have considered taking some sort of course for it. I'm certainly bored enough.

  4. Ah too bad, I'm not a citizen of teh Facebook.

    I like your photos very much, nyokki. Although I can't comment on quality since I'm fascinated with the Americaness in your photos regardless.

  5. Adobe Photoshop is my best friend, lol without it I have no blog.

  6. Adobe Photoshop is my best friend, lol without it I have no blog.

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